The Eagles’ playoff push could be seriously injured by Jalen Hurt’s injury

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The latest injury update for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts means Hurts may miss a crucial playoff push in the coming weeks.

The Eagles are 5-7, but the Philadelphia team can still reach the playoffs. That’s the state of the NFC and the NFL as a whole in the 2021 season. As the teams enter December with various Week 13 schedules, the Wild Card overview for the playoffs remains uncertain.

NFC East is expected to be gripped by the Dallas Cowboys, who lead with an 8-4 record strengthened by a win Thursday night over the New Orleans Saints.

The only hope the Eagles have of watching the playoffs is to get some much-needed wins in the coming month, but their latest injury report suggests their playoff hopes may be shattered.

According to Ian Rapoport, Hurts is listed as doubtful with an ankle injury from Friday afternoon.

Jalen Hurts could miss the Eagles’ chance for a playoff push

It looks like the division winners are relatively solid in December, with each NFC division led by a team with eight or more wins.

Two NFC West teams lead the Wild Card slots conference: 7-4 Los Angeles Rams and 6-5 San Francisco 49ers. That leaves almost half of the conference vying for the remaining Wild Card space.

As it turns out, the Eagles compete with five other NFC teams with exactly five wins: the Washington Football Team, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints. Of course, a 4-7 team like the Chicago Bears could surpass all of those teams to seventh place, but these six teams, who are drawn in five wins, are on neck and neck as they approach the season finish line.

Due to the addition of a 17th match, the playoffs are even more uncertain. As unrealistic as it sounds, the 5-7 Eagles still have a chance to reach the playoffs, albeit a small chance. Losing to their division rivals diminished their chances as this is a moment where every win counts.

Just as the Giants’ loss diminished their chances of making the offseason, a game without Hurts would limit them to the New York Jets. December 19th presents an even bigger challenge: the Eagles face Washington, the NFC East rival with a better position.

If Hurts does not fit, Gardner Minshew is his expected replacement, according to If Minshew can channel that Minshew Mania energy, the Eagles might still have hope.

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