The composition of Barça – PSG in crampons

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For this first shock of the Champions League, we are interested in the composition of the Barça-PSG match and the crampons of the players of both teams.

It’s the big day for PSG! The day when the capital club can begin to take revenge on its Barcelona rival. Since the famous “Remontada” of 2017, Parisians and Barcelona have not clashed. On behalf of the round of 16 of the Champions League, FC Barcelona meets Paris Saint-Germain. The opportunity for us to come back to the probable composition of the two teams, but in a studded version. Who will be the winner of the meeting? Difficult to say. What will be the most represented brand in the field? We are talking to you about it.

The shirts of the match Barça – PSG

Main element of the meeting, the jersey will be of great importance for this shock. As always when it comes to a match between Barça and PSG, the Catalan club will use their traditional home jersey in navy blue and garnet and it is the white jersey and its central red Hechter stripe that will be used for the French club. As in 1995, 2013, 2014 and 2017, it is these two types of jerseys that will still be used for the shock. Two jerseys obviously designed by Nike which is the sole supplier of the two clubs.

Barça’s jersey for the match against PSG

The PSG jersey for the match against Barça

The crampons of the players of the Barça-PSG match

The shoes of Barça players against the PSG

If Nike will be the visible brand on the shirts, it will also be at the feet of Barça players. Indeed, it is the crampons of the American brand which will be the most present in the composition of Barça against PSG. Thanks to three players who will evolve with the Mercurial, Nike has five players in the workforce since Clément Lenglet with the Tiempo and Sergio Busquets with the Phantom GT will complete this list.

Behind, it is adidas which will be visible thanks to four players. From Ter Stegen with his Predator Freak through Léo Messi and his Nemeziz.1, Jordi Alba with the X Ghosted and Pedrid with the Copa Sense, these are the four silos of the German brand that will be visible this Tuesday evening. A nice sample. The latest player in the Barça-PSG match, Puma will be particularly visible thanks to its Ultra range range and embodied by Antoine Griezmann of course but also the young Oscar Mingueza.


The shoes of the PSG players against Barça

At PSG, the balance of power will be different but the result identical since it is once again Nike who will be the most visible. This time, nearly eight players will wear the crampons of the American brand and this time it is the Phantom GT that will dominate the elements. In its two versions (high stem or low stem), the Phantom GT will be found at the feet of four players (Marquinhos, Icardi, Verratti, Paredes) while the Mercurial Vapor will be worn by three athletes.

Kylian Mbappé and Presnel Kimpembe will obviously be with this model while Layvin Kurzawa could also join this clan after having worn the Phantom GT for a long time in a personalized version. To complete this probable composition of PSG, we will find three pairs of adidas crampons. Keylor Navas will wear his now traditional masked Predator while Gueye will appear with the X Ghosted. 1. As for Sarabia (or Kean), the Nemeziz range will be present.


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