The Carroll-Wilson duo are ready for a possible finale in Seattle

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The Seattle Seahawks’ home game on Sunday could potentially be the last time Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson work together at Lumen Field, sources told ESPN.

According to sources, there is a sense throughout the league that Carroll and Wilson will not be together again next season, which would represent the end of one of the most successful head coach quarterback duos in NFL history.

As they entered Sunday’s game against the Lions, Carroll and Wilson have won 61 home games including the off-season, just one behind Bill Belichick and Tom Brady for most of a coaching quarterback duo since Wilson’s rookie season in 2012.

There are many directions that the Seahawks organization can go after this season, their worst in over a decade. There was constant speculation last season that Wilson could be traded, and several sources expect the same level of speculation this offseason.

Wilson even acknowledged his uncertain future last Thursday when asked about Sunday’s fight against the Lions.

“I personally know this is not my last game (in Seattle),” he told reporters. “But at the same time, I know it’s not going to be my last game in the NFL.”

Wilson has repeatedly said that his first wish and biggest goal would be to stay in Seattle, but only if the Seahawks’ desire to win matches his.

Wilson, 33, is a seven-time Pro Bowler and is already No. 27 on the NFL’s all-time passing list with 36,585 over his first 10 seasons. Despite all these achievements, there are some who believe that Wilson’s next 10 years can be just as fruitful – and he said last week that he wants to win three more Super Bowls.

The offseason decisions about Carroll, who is under contract through the 2025 season, and Wilson, who has two years left on his current contract, will depend on team chairman Jody Allen, who has been the Seahawks’ de facto owner since her brother Paul died in 2018.

Allen’s plans at the moment are not clear, but Carroll said last week that she has been on the “same side” with him and general manager John Schneider as to the overall direction of the franchise.

Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract, but was open last free season for a deal with four teams – the Cowboys, Bears, Saints and Raiders.

Some sources believe Schneider is open to starting over with extra draft picks, but he also knows the value of a quarterback like Wilson.

The Seahawks (5-10) are guaranteed to finish with a losing record for the first time since 2011 and have recorded double-digit losses for the first time since 2009, the year before Carroll arrived.

Wilson missed three games in October due to a finger injury but has been productive this season, completing 65% of his passes in 2,639 yards and 18 touchdowns with just five interceptions.

“I want to win three more Super Bowls, it’s been in my head,” he said last Thursday. “And then for me, how do we get there? How does it happen and how do we do all that?”

Wilson was then asked if he believes he can reach that goal in Seattle, given the direction of the franchise.

“I hope so,” he said. “Obviously we can not do that if we are not in the playoffs right now. But I think most importantly, it takes a lot of effort, it takes a lot of things, it takes a lot of pieces, and I think we have a good amount of the pieces, many of them. It’s been a tough season. “

ESPN’s Brady Henderson contributed to this report.


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