The Browns expect full-season suspension for Deshaun Watson

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The Cleveland Browns switched to Deshaun Watson and gave him a monster contract despite his off-pitch claims. Now they expect a huge suspension.

The longer time has passed, the more unsound Cleveland Brown’s decision to trade for Deshaun Watson and sign him on a $ 230 million guaranteed money contract looks. And as more news rolls out that paints the situation in a more negative light, the consequences on the pitch also look worse.

According to several reports during the low season, the expectation from the team has been that Watson will be suspended for a long time.

As it turns out, however, “long time” may correspond to the entire 2022 season. Several Cleveland insiders have reported that the Browns expect Watson’s suspension to extend throughout the year.

Browns: Deshaun Watson is expected to be suspended for the entire season

Given that Watson is facing 24 civil cases of sexual misconduct and sexual assault and is the subject of a New York Times study that revealed he visited more than 60 massage therapists, while the length of the suspension was not the least bit shocking to the Texans.

What it keeps showing, though, is how misleading the Browns were with their quarterback. Externally, the team has continued to support Watson and maintained their faith in the decision to trade for him and rewrite him for a lucrative contract. But it’s hard to give up the money and make the deal they did, and think they’re not a little worried that if he’s suspended for the whole season, he’s got a quarterback who has not seen the pitch in two full seasons.

Expect to hear something official about the Deshaun Watson suspension before the start of the preseason.

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