The Asian Football Confederation invites to withdraw from the Copa América 2021 tournament

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Last summer, soccer saw international competitions such as UEFA Euro 2020 and the Copa América canceled.

However, later this year, these tournaments will return next summer; however, there will be changes to the Copa América. CONMEBOL had initially invited two nations of the Asian Football Confederation, Qatar and Australia, to participate in the South American tournament.

However, since the Asian Football Federation schedules its 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches during the summer, it conflicts with its schedule. As a result, Qatar and Australia will withdraw, AS newspaper reports.

The tournament does not start until June, so the South American federation could seek to invite two other nations to occupy that place or continue with the competition as it is already built. No decision has yet been made on this.

Along with the news that his Asian football guests had to withdraw, the CONMEBOL Under-Secretary General for Football commented that the idea would be to fill at least 30 percent of the stadiums for the tournament that takes place in Argentina and Colombia.

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