The Arsenal star hints at his return to Spain

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Arsenal have been a true Jekyll and Hyde team this season.

In the Europa League, there is no other team in the competition that can match the Gunners’ perfect five-game winning streak.

It is not surprising that they have already qualified for the knockout phase, so it would be advisable for Mikel Arteta to rest his big stars for the last game of the group and give them the rest they so badly need.

In the Premier League, however, his form has been uneven at best.

Just 10 goals out of their 10 games played and being 14th before the North London derby against Spurs, the toppers, cannot be how Arsenal envisioned the beginning of the first third of their national campaign.

There could also be more trouble on the horizon, after Dani Ceballos hinted at a return to Real Madrid, which still holds its record.

“Last year I was happy at Arsenal, and I reached an agreement with Madrid to stay one more year in London,” the midfielder told Sports world.

“There was no problem because we all understood that I was going to do well in the future.

“[…] Madrid is the owner of my future for the next three years, and not only will I decide, but it will also depend on the coach and the president […] Nobody refuses to play for Madrid ”.

Even though players come and go in clubs all the time, for you to talk so openly about it when the team is going through a rough patch is not really what is done.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Arteta frowned as well.

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