The 49ers take a giant shot at the Raiders to leave Oakland with a wild banner

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The San Francisco 49ers have put up a banner that really takes a shot at the Raiders to leave Oakland and move to Las Vegas.

The rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Las Vegas Raiders is one that goes back so many years. It really is the kind of rivalry that divides houses, friendships and more. This will continue even if they are no longer neighbors.

While the 49ers remain in California, the Raiders decided to pack their bags and head to Las Vegas to run the show in Sin City. Well, the 49ers are welcoming the Raiders to town this weekend, and they’re laying the perfect banner to bring their rivals back to Cali.

49ers trolls Raiders fans big time before Sunday’s seesaw

It’s just gold there. The 49ers are really loyal to the Bay Area, but the same cannot be said of the Raiders. Countless hearts are still broken with the team traveling to Las Vegas. Several fans are likely to boycott the team.

That said, the Raiders’ faithful are probably a passionate bunch, so you know there will be plenty of die-hards seeking their way to Levi’s Stadium on Sunday to show support for the team, Jon Gruden, Derek Carr and the others on the field. .

As for San Francisco, the team will hope to remind everyone that even though the Raiders are no longer in California, they still own the bay. With a convincing victory on Sunday, it would only make things worse for the Raiders. Ahead of the kickoff, however, San Francisco is already on the board with the amazing banner displayed. Someone deserves a paycheck from the marketing team. They knew exactly how to get under the skin of Raiders fans.

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