The 10 WTF news you shouldn’t miss in 2020

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2020 is ending and it’s time to take stock. What are the ten crisp and quite mind-blowing news that you shouldn’t miss this year?

Besides the news of the equipment that we deal with on a daily basis on footpack and which is of course dominated by the release of new crampons and new jerseys, we also like to tell you these little rather incredible stories about football equipment. Between an equipment manufacturer who uses the same jerseys three years later and a player who plays with two numbers in the same football match, we look back on a 2020 WTF year!

10. Three years later, adidas is reusing the exact same jerseys

As for several years now, adidas continues to overuse its teamwear template for second-tier clubs. If Real Madrid, Juventus, Man Utd, Arsenal and Bayern Munich benefit from different jerseys, other clubs can sometimes feel neglected by the three-stripe brand by contenting themselves with little worked jerseys. In 2020, this will have been the case for Celta Vigo since for its away jersey, adidas quite simply reused the same template as the one used to make the Olympique Lyonnais jersey in 2017! A jersey that was nevertheless designed to pay tribute to the Festival of Lights according to the terms of the press release from OL and adidas …


9. When Nike imagines dresses with PSG and Barça jerseys

We knew the jerseys, training outfits and warm-up outfits, now it’s time for football dresses! Imagined with the aim of conquering a female clientele more and more present in the stadiums (when you can go there) and in front of the TV, these new products were made by Nike and around the new shirts of PSG, Barça or even of The french team.

8. Why the USA players wore their shirts backwards

In March 2020, just days before football stopped, the American players stood out a few minutes before the game against Japan. Indeed, when entering the lawn and during the anthems, Megan Rapinoe’s teammates wore their jersey upside down! A strong message sent to the national authorities and in order to protest against the pay inequality between the players and the players. Through this symbolic gesture, the players used the jersey as a support, a jersey on which the four world champion stars were widely visible…


7. Against OM, Youssef El Arabi played with a PSG boxer

During the match between OM and Olympiakos, a player stood out not because of his jersey or his crampons but because of his boxers! Youssef El Arabi, former player of SM Caen in particular, wore a boxer with the coat of arms of PSG against the Marseille club. Simple wink? Superstition? For a player who could have signed for PSG in 2012, it was in any case quite incredible.

6. A Nantes player plays with two numbers in the same match

After having evolved with his training jersey against AS Saint-Etienne, FC Nantes also stood out against FC Metz thanks to their striker Anthony Limbombe. Indeed, the player entered the lawn with flocked shorts of number 15 and a flocked jersey of number 22 and whose name was crossed out with yellow tape! A fairly new scenario which is due to a problem on the scoresheet and a change in number at the start of the season.

5. Why do all Chelsea players wear number 3?

In every Chelsea game, many of you ask us why all the Blues wear the number 3 on the front of the shirt? The reason is however very simple since it is the new sponsor of the English club! Three. is indeed a telecommunications company which has become Chelsea’s main partner, replacing Yokohama. Already visible alongside the Irish selection, the operator has made a long-term commitment with the Blues.


4. Why is Erling Haaland hiding the comma in his Nike cleats?

New star of world football, Erling Haaland is also a Nike Football athlete. Yet as he began to pop the screen with Borussia Dortmund, his shoes lacked the American brand’s swoosh. The reason is simple, he was hiding it! A strong choice on the part of the Norwegian and which could have given indications on a future far from Nike but which ultimately ended with an even more supported presence of Nike alongside the BVB player. From now on, he embodies the Dream Speed ​​range from Mercurial in the same way as Mbappé and CR7! Just that.

3. Flocking problem on the Divock Origi jersey

Just days after Premier League football resumed, not everyone must have picked up the pace yet. It is therefore probably for this reason that Divock Origi entered the pitch against Everton with a jersey which still contained the plastic film which is used to flock the various logos on the jerseys. A simple oversight by the steward but which will have had the merit of making us smile during this sad period.


2. Who are the 44 players in Europe who do not wear Nike, adidas or Puma boots?

Of the 2,520 players from the five major leagues in Europe, only 44 do not wear Nike, adidas or Puma crampons! A simply mind-blowing figure that emerged from our study on the crampons carried out during the first confinement. Lotto, Under Armor, New Balance, Mizuno but also Joma, Kipsta, Umbro and Asics. All these marks are certainly visible but in an almost confidential way.


1. A French brand at the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo

No Cristiano Ronaldo did not separate from Nike in 2020, but the Portuguese has nevertheless shown well with a French brand at his feet, or more exactly under his feet since it is Smart Power, the interchangeable crampon specialist who got a nice spotlight with CR7 as ambassador. At the time of pushing back the grounds with Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo was indeed wearing the Smart Power crampons on the Mercurial Dream Speed ​​002. A huge publicity stunt for the young company, followed a few months later by a use by Paul Pogba!


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