Table football – are you ready for a heady game?

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Slap a table football table up in the children’s room, in the living room, in the sports club, at work, at the holiday home or at the mother-in-law’s home and let it be a gathering point for many wonderful moments with those you care about.

Table football is formidable entertainment for football enthusiasts of all ages. We can play it both as a leisure activity and on a more professional level depending on how big a competitive person you are and everyone can take part.

The simple rules of table football

The rules of classic table football are very simple : Two teams of one to two people. A ball. And then there must be scores. Preferably in the opponent’s goal, if you do not want to be completely laughed at in the circle of friends.

The team that first reaches a pre-defined number of goals, typically ten for recreational players and seven in professional games, wins. And then the loser’s team usually demands revenge.

A timeless classic for both big and small. 
The game around the table football table never goes out of style.

Practice makes perfect

We can kill many intense hours on either side of the mini-football pitch, which comprises two goals and four bars with players for each team; one goalkeeper, two defenders, five midfielders and three strikers.

In the beginning, the many players can be a little difficult to control , but you get there quickly, and as with all other sports, the more matches you play, and the more you train, the better you become.

Here, to coordinate his arm movements with the ball eye, which must ensure that the small red and blue players hit the ball perfectly, so it rolls past the opponent’s goalkeeper. Quiet and unnoticed, or with the help of a perfect and powerful kick that sits right in the closet.

Makes the game harder

You can also just make your own rules instead of following the monotonous and traditional ones of sorts.

Who says, for example, that you must not play with over one ball, that you must play the best of ten, that you must use both hands or that you must not challenge yourself by playing with ” handicap ” such as no use of a goalkeeper or midfielder?

Choose the right table football table

If you want a table at home, and you therefore dare to ask a professional player for advice, then he will say that there is a big difference on table football tables, and he will most likely be an advocate for a French one of a kind.

There are over 30 different types of table football tables worldwide, but the French and Italian table football tables are the most common on the Danish market.

The classic Italian table football table.
The classic Italian table football table.

The Italian is the most classic; most often seen covered by a glass plate and with players and ball in hard plastic. The surface is like the cover in glass, which makes the game quick and uncontrolled, if you as a player do not have excellent control of your reflexes.

The French Bonzini table that many professionals swear by.
The French Bonzini table that many professionals swear by.

Quite the opposite is the French family of table football tables, with the Bonzini table being the most popular.

The table which has linoleum underlay, lends itself to a longer and more technical game, as the freedom to move the players in steel is greater, and there is thus the possibility of better dribbling and control of the ball which is also made as a nice detail in cork.

However, the choice of table football table is a matter of taste, so go for what appeals to you the most and where you feel your game will do best.

Toptun your table football table

Just as there are a multitude of different table football tables on the market, both online and in the physical stores, there are also very different accessories and spare parts, so you and your table football table are always ready for battle.

Most table football tables are of a high quality that last for many years, with even the most committed children and childish souls at the poles.

Toptun your table football table
Balls for table football are available in this edition, which looks like real footballs.

Should the accident occur, however, there is always help to be found in the form of brand new rods, maintenance kits, new cardboard tracks and extra balls, which are available in both plastic, cork and rubber and in many colors.

Balls for table football are available in this edition, which looks like real footballs.

If you are at all into the authentic and realistic, you might also think it is fun to put on your players football jerseys from the favorite team? Only the imagination sets limits to what we can find with great accessories that make the game even more fun.

Ready for competition?

In several cities around the country, including Odense, Kolding, Århus, Aalborg and also several places in the Greater Copenhagen area, there are associations that have dedicated themselves to the noble sport that table football must be said to be. If you are looking for competition and a strong team spirit, the local association is therefore a good place to start.

If you get completely bitten by a crazy table football, the Danish Table Football Association also holds every year in October Danish championships in table football in Copenhagen.

The World Cup is also being held in France, which houses some world’s leading table football players.

Learn all the tricks

If you also think niche sports are the new thing, check out this video with tricks for both the beginner and the more experienced table football player and drone looked and get yourself a good table football table to optimize your skills on.

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