Sunderland: Should Johnson Unleash Jones?

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When Sunderland takes on Fleetwood on Tuesday night, they will do so full of confidence.

In recent weeks, they’ve pushed aside other hopefuls for the Doncaster promotion, and their win over Burton proved that the Mackems really have the wind in their sails.

On the blackboard

Lee Johnson won’t want to make too many changes to the side that beat the Brewers so comfortably over the weekend.

However, if you are thinking of making a trade, you must leave a specific player on the bench again. That’s the loan from Southampton, Jake Vokins.

The left-back has had a rather steamy start to life at the Stadium of Light and his time spell has been difficult to date. Roker Report He said it was hard to imagine many worse Sunderland debuts after the 2-2 draw with MK Dons and has looked unconvincing ever since.

He was to blame for the second goal during the loss to Shrewsbury and lost a succession of passes in the win over Burton.

Eventually she saw him dragged into second period instead of a man who simply has to start Tuesday night.

The solution

The answer to his problems with Vokins lay at the feet of another borrower; Jordan Jones.

The winger has only played six times and started twice since he moved south of the Rangers border, but he garnered attention in his shortest time on the field.

He was acclaimed for his efforts by fans after his cameo from the bench last time, and as his fitness grows game by game, he could become a force to be reckoned with.

Should Jones start Tuesday?



Not yet

Not yet

Jones was only on the field for 23 minutes against Burton, but managed Three Key passes: The second highest number of anyone with a Black Cats jersey. On top of that, he ended the clash with a passing success rate of 100%.

You just need to hear the words of Glasgow Live reporter Mark McDougall to understand what he has to offer: “In all honesty, you should walk around League One if your attitude is right when you go there. He has two feet so he can go in or out and he has a beat to burn. “

The journalist added: “It can be a pleasure to see him when he is in his game because of how direct and complicated it is.”

Johnson has already drawn similar qualities from Aiden McGeady in recent weeks, so it’s exciting to see what he could do with Jones.

He needs to be unleashed on Fleetwood, not just because of his individual attributes, but because Vokins is fighting on the left.

And in other news, 1 goal in 15 games: The SAFC ace that left Parkinson’s furious has been a passenger for months …

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