Steve Cooper takes a look at Liverpool with an ‘interesting’ comment in two moments

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Steve Cooper seemed to be taking a hit against Liverpool as he hinted that the results of two important decisions could have and perhaps should have been different.

Nottingham Forest took Liverpool to the extreme in a vibrant FA Cup showdown at City Ground. Spurred on by a heady home crowd, Forest went toe to toe with the Reds, creating just as much in the department for clear chances.

In fact, moments before Diogo Jota snatched the winner, Forest himself could have taken the lead. An eruption down Liverpool’s left side saw three Forest stars overload the far post.

Philip Zinckernagel locked in a perfectly placed post, but his subdued effort flew painfully past Alisson Becker’s post.

Instead, it was Liverpool who took the prey through Jota after the Portuguese stayed inside before producing a Kostas Tsimikas post.

MATCH REPORT: Critical two minutes keep Liverpool’s quadruple hope alive after scraping past Nott’m Forest

Speaking after the fall of the match, Steve Cooper expressed his dissatisfaction with two critical incidents in the game – Jota’s goal and the non-award of a forest penalty. Certain angles during the repetition of Jota’s goal seemed to show Jota in an offside position with the naked eye.

Key decisions both in Liverpool’s favor “interesting” – Steve Cooper

Cooper said: “I think the match was decided in two crucial minutes – we had a good chance that we did not take and they created one and did it.

“This is the first time we have experienced it (VAR) here and you have to trust the process what it is.

“I have not seen them back, but I think they would have been interesting if they had been at the other end.”

Forest were convinced they had a reason for a late penalty when Alisson Becker appeared to be making mistakes with Ryan Yates. As Yates pulled the ball around Alisson, the goalkeeper rooted his outstretched arm to the court to avoid cutting Yates as he ran through.

England’s Dirty Dozen – the 12 players called up by Southgate who have not yet received an international cap

The Forest star appeared to be dragging his foot along the turf to start contact, which led to Judge Craig Pawson and VAR both finding that no penalty was necessary.

Cooper, however, had a different view, adding: “Yatesy [Ryan Yates] is one of the most honest players, too honest. So the feeling was that there was no way he was going to go down – and could he keep going and score?

“I do not want to talk about VAR, or what could have been in the game. On the whole, I thought we handled them quite well and could not get the most out of the moments we created.”

“You have to take those chances” – Worrall

Nottingham Forest defender Joe Worrall also spoke to the press and told ON TV: “I think what we have done this season so far has created faith, optimism with the new manager and the players and the performances.

“No matter about today, we’ve been amazing over the last six months since the manager came in. There’s a real buzz around town – 28,500 came out to see us tonight and we went toe to toe with one of the best teams in the world. Very proud. “

On Zinckernagel’s glorious chance, Worrall admitted: “You have to take those chances.

“Nine out of 10 times in training, Phil puts them away. We do that all the time, cross in from the right, and that’s a goal. That’s our trademark.

“We also have some good young players – coming and playing 90 minutes against players of that caliber is so impressive.

“We’re a humble side, we work hard for each other. We dig in, we’re not afraid to play fast attacking football or be honest, we have good honest players, we’re an honest bunch. And we also have the league to focus on. , it’s not all doom. ”


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