Statistics show when everything went wrong for Liverpool and Klopp

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Liverpool’s fall from grace in 2021 has been quite extraordinary, with the Reds’ Premier League title defense now over.

Jurgen Klopp’s men, considering how good they were last season, came into the season as favorites to win the league once again.

After Manchester City started to fall short at the start of the season, their chances of finishing at the top of the heap increased considerably.

We now have 14 games to play in the Premier League season, and by the time Liverpool take the field for the first leg of their Champions League tie with RB Leipzig at midweek, it could be seventh in the league.

Where is everything wrong?

Well, on Boxing Day, Liverpool were at the top of the league, having accumulated 31 points in 14 games. The champions were two points behind their closest rivals with a game in hand.

Since then, they have won just nine points in ten games. While they have reached the magic count of 40, traditionally seen as the number required to avoid relegation, Man City is ten clear with two games in hand.

It’s hard to imagine what went wrong behind the scenes for Liverpool to noticeably collapse in that time frame, having been at the top before this slump in form.

Klopp’s men are in real trouble right now.

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