Stafford impresses despite ‘annoying’ elbow issues

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IRVINE, Calif. — After making several deep throws and even a no-look pass during practice Saturday, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford said he felt like he could make any throw he wanted.

Stafford, who dealt with an elbow injury last season, had an injection in his right elbow during the offseason and did not throw during the Rams’ spring practice.

On Thursday, coach Sean McVay said Stafford’s injury is “a little bit out of the ordinary for a quarterback,” but reiterated that the Rams had planned a “modified approach and a progressive build” with him during training camp.

“I just have a little soreness,” Stafford said Saturday. “We’re working through it. I’m feeling pretty good today. I thought it looked pretty good. But just trying to be smart about it and feel as good as I can feel going into week 1 while still getting as many reps as I can too.”

Stafford declined to go into detail about his elbow soreness, saying he’s “just going through something that’s annoying at the moment.”

“We have a good plan,” Stafford said. “I feel stronger every time I come out here and throw. I don’t know if you guys were watching. It felt like I could make any throw I wanted today. And just try to be smart when I get those opportunities to make sure I can get out here, cut it loose [and] untie it like I did today.”

McVay echoed Stafford’s comments about the way he threw the ball Saturday, pointing out that he not only made short and intermediate throws, but “pushed the ball” to “all types of spots.” McVay also said that based on the way Stafford was throwing, “I don’t think you would know anything was going on.”

“If you were watching, I don’t really know how much you can ask about how Matthew is doing,” McVay said. “I mean, he threw it across the yard today. Looked real good, felt good.

“We’re very much on track with what we had hoped and I think you could really see the ball jump out of his hand… And so I think he was trying to show you that there’s enough not a lot of questions for you guys. can ask him either based on how he felt and the way he threw it around today.”

The Rams also got cornerback Jalen Ramsey back to practice Saturday. Although Ramsey did not start training camp on the physically unable to perform list after having offseason shoulder surgery, he had not previously been cleared to participate in practice. On Saturday, he participated in the team’s 7-on-7 field work.

McVay said Ramsey “did a good job” as the Rams continued his “five-day acclimatization period.”

“I think he’s doing well and then we’ll continue to increase the workload as we go,” the coach said.

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