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A great sports bag for football, which can accommodate your football equipment, is an indispensable part of your training. It can turn into a burden when equipment has to be carried back and forth, and the old sports bag is worn and does not last much longer. That’s why you need a new one!

The good sports bag has it all; both space, convenience and is suitable for both long and short trips. In addition, most football bags are ergonomically designed and load your back and shoulders as little as possible, so you do not get injured when you use the bag.

Here you will find a guide to what to look for when you are looking for a new sports bag, a description of the different materials you can choose from and knowledge on how to maintain your football bag so it lasts longer and is neat and clean when you need to use it.

A good sports bag is a motivating factor

Whether you train daily in the gym or have all your training hours on the track, it is important that the sports bag sends out positive signals to yourself that make you want to go to the gym. The motivating factor in the sports bag is therefore very important. The football bag must send out motivation and help keep your healthy lifestyle running.

The bag should give good associations, and if it does not, then this is the place to start. How to get through the good associations and desire for your training, it is something that only you know. Some want a colorful bag, others want to look stylish while wearing it, while others want a bag with their favorite team logo on the side of it.

The common denominator of the good football bag is that it often has a large compartment in the middle and one or more small compartments in the sides of the bag. That way you can organize your training equipment so that your keys, mobile or other do not get lost – and do not come into contact with the wet towel and training clothes.

What requirements should I make for my sports bag?

There can be many things to take into account when you go out and invest in a new sport / football bag. Some things you need to think about include whether you are cycling or taking the car to football. Do you pack light, are you a coach and need to be bagged for purposes other than just football? It may be a good idea to think about whether you want the opportunity to use the bag for a weekend trip or another trip.

Should the bag have that option, it may apply to choose a bag that is slightly larger than most or one on wheels. Both are described in the sections below, so you are well dressed to make the right choice.

You also need to consider whether it should be easy to clean and maintain your bag. We elaborate further the topic down in the guide, and we will therefore not elaborate on this.

Sports bag material

If the look of your bag matters most to you, then disregard this point. If you are thinking about which material lasts the longest or is easiest to clean, read here. We provide a guide to which material can do what and why the individual material is good.

Sports bag in leather

If we start with a leather bag, it is a durable and natural material. A leather bag gets a natural look of patina when you use it. However, a genuine leather bag can also be more expensive than a bag in either nylon or canvas, and that may also be the reason we do not see so many leather bags on the country’s football fields.

Leather can neither be packed nor folded and a bag in that material therefore takes up a lot, even when there are no clothes on. If you have bought a leather bag, you can advantageously have it standing in front when you are not using it, and make it part of your interior design – it can sometimes excite an interior design-loving person, that there is a nice and well-kept leather bag present and your sport can therefore be more than just exercise.

Unfortunately, a leather bag is made of a material that ‘attracts’ bacteria, according to a study by Initial Washroom Hygiene. You must therefore be careful to keep the bag dry and clean so you do not come into contact with unnecessary bacteria, before, during and after your workout. Leather usually cannot withstand being thrown in the washing machine as it can become discolored. Therefore, we strongly advise against doing this if you want to keep your bag in excellent condition. If you want your leather bag clean, send it for cleaning.

Sports bag in nylon

If you instead buy a bag in nylon, you get both a durable bag and an extensive selection, as many manufacturers make football bags in nylon. The material is durable and has a long durability. Nylon does not give way and your bag will therefore stay in shape no matter how you handle it.

In most nylon bags, they hold the material ‘up’ by stiffeners in the sides and around the corners of the bag. They can therefore be difficult to pack away, and they can fill more when not in use than, for example, a bag of canvas does.

In the same test from Initial Washroom Hygiene, which we have referred to earlier, they have also looked at nylon bags. They are easier to keep clean, dry quickly and can often be put directly in the washing machine, so it can be neat for your next workout. If you wash them, it is best to do this at 30 degrees, gentle program and without spinning.

Sports bag made of canvas

If you buy a canvas bag, you can expect to get a bag that weighs the same as what you stuff in it. They come in many shades and are light and manageable when you need them. In addition, they do not take up much space when you do not have it in use, and it can therefore be easily put away without filling up much.

Many canvas bags have reinforcement on the sides and on the leather straps, which makes them extra durable and durable when you need it.

You can often put your canvas bag in the washing machine and wash it with other materials at 30 degrees. We recommend, as with a nylon bag, that you use a gentle program and avoid spinning the bag. Then you take the best care of your bag and it will last for many more years.

All the models shown are from the brand hummel. However, you can easily get a similar bag from another brand. Here you should know the price and size may change, from brand to brand.

The classic sports bag

Authentic Sports Bag from Hummel is a good example of the classic sports bag.
Authentic Sports Bag from Hummel is a good example of the classic sports bag. 

The classic sports bag, which many probably know, is good for many types of sports, including football. The bag contains a large compartment in the middle and a small compartment in the side (where you can put your keys, Dankort or similar so that things do not disappear in the large compartment).

The bag is available in several sizes and colors, so you can get exactly the space you need for your workout.

The bag is available in an XS, S, M and L and can hold 14-59 liters, depending on which size you choose. Because the bag is available in an XS (40 * 23 * 21 cm), very young children can also use the bag.

At the top of the bag you will find handles so you can take your bag in your hand and walk with it. In addition, a strap is included, so you can easily and quickly swing the bag over your shoulder when you have finished your training or match.

The bag is a cheap basic model and can be used by most people. The price starts at $40 for the smallest and ends at $50-$80 for the largest, depending on the dealer.

Sports bag on wheels

The bag here is called Authentic Team Trolley and has a size of 60 * 33 * 35 cm. 
The bag can hold 69 liters.

Do you have many things with you for your training, are you a trainer or do you want the opportunity to use your bag for a weekend trip? Then maybe it’s a bag on wheels, a trolley you need to go out and buy. The model we show here at AthenticFootballShopTitans also has a handle, so you can take the bag in your hand if you either do not drive with it, or the grass is uneven.

A trolley is often a little bigger than a regular football bag, and there can therefore be several things in it – which is also why it is well suited if you are a coach and often have either balls, jerseys or other football equipment in your bag.

If you buy a trolley for your football equipment, we recommend that you carry it over grass or wet gravel as much as possible. The wheels do not benefit from the wet terrain, and they can therefore break more quickly if you use the bag on one of these surfaces.

A sports bag for the back

sports backpack bag
Tech Sports Bag, shown here in black and silver straps. 
You can also get it in gray, with orange straps and ice blue with gray straps.

If you are not into the classic football bags with handles and straps, you can choose a backpack instead. This model also makes it easier for you to ride with it, as you do not have to secure it to your luggage carrier and worry about it coming off. This model is also better for your back, as you do not load it in the same way as you would with a bag with a handle.

The model we have shown here has an inner pocket, which can be used for the wet towel, for example. In addition, both a strap and a handle are included, so you still throw your bag over your shoulder. The model can also be smaller and thus easier to deal with and to transport around.

The medium bag can hold 31 liters and measures 50 * 28 cm. Large can hold 54.5 liters and measures 60 * 34.

If you do not pack as many things as the above bag can hold, you can also get a smaller backpack, which for confusion looks like a school bag. The backpack can hold 25 liters and is therefore significantly smaller than the one above. On the side of the bag you will find a separate pocket for your water bottle, so it does not fill inside the bag and so it is easy to grab while you are on the go.

Such a backpack starts at $60and becomes more expensive, depending on the size of the bag. It is available in the color shown, black and silver, and in an ice blue with black straps.

The fashionable sports bag

fashionable sports bag
Hummel Fashion Lugo is significantly smaller than the one we have previously looked at. 
Therefore, it is ideal if you pack light. 

If you care more about what your bag looks like than how much space there is in it, the Hummel Fashion Lugo model may be for you. The various sports brands have gradually found that many footballs-loving and interested people are going for the look of the bag, instead of the spaciousness.

Therefore, this shoulder bag has been launched and can be advantageously purchased and used by the discerning consumer. The look is simple and stylish and is available with room for 70 liters. The bag is therefore large and can be used both for football and for a weekend trip.

The bag has a handle at the top and a shoulder strap, so you carry the bag as it suits you best. They make the exterior of the bag of shell, while the lining is polyester and woven fabric.

It is therefore relatively easy to clean, as you only need a wrung-out cloth. See more about this, in the point below.

Cleaning your sports bag

Many sports bags, whether they are used for football, fitness or something different, are a pure bacterial bomb and you can in the worst case get sick if you do not have good hygiene in and around your bag. Therefore:

  • Pick up your used (and wet) clothes as soon as you get home. If it stays in the bag, it can form bacteria, such as fungus or the like, and in the worst case, it can turn into mold and / or make you sick.
  • Can the bag go in the washing machine? If it can, you’re sure you’re killing all the bacteria in your bag. If your bag cannot be washed, clean it regularly: Wipe up a cloth, wipe the bag both inside and out and let the bag dry well before putting your training clothes in it.
  • Leave the bag open, both after training and after cleaning. That way, the bag dries in case it gets damp. If you can pack the bag away, remember to let it dry thoroughly first.
  • Make sure you have good hygiene when you exercise: Remember and wash your hands and spray the equipment you use. That way, you prevent bacteria from spreading.
  • Store the bag in a dry place. That way, it does not get unnecessary moisture, and the bag does not risk becoming a bacterial mecca.

So there are many considerations you need to make prior to your purchase of a new bag. If you think about all the above things, we promise you in return that, you will be thrilled with your new football bag.

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