Southgate is concerned about the possible exhaustion of England

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Gareth Southgate fears that England’s top stars will burn out when the rescheduled Euro 2020 tournament rolls around next year.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has criticized the Premier League for its refusal to follow other European leagues and sanction the use of five substitutes.

This season’s matches have been reduced to a shorter term due to the impact of the coronavirus, which delayed the completion of the 2019-20 season.

At a press conference following the draw for the qualifying groups for the Qatar World Cup 2022, the England manager joined Klopp in expressing his concerns about the workload of some players.

“I think all the coaches are concerned about the number of games,” Southgate said.

“It is not a particular area, it is the general volume. We are in a shorter season. No winter break, which was considered a good idea last year.

“We have the problem of substitutions. We know that. When the debate came up, we were aware of how difficult September would be as soon as the leagues restarted.

“Everyone else came to that decision a little later. Jurgen will be like me, looking at what March will be like.

“For the best players in particular, they are the ones who play European, international and league football.

“What we have tried to affect is that we put pressure on UEFA to get five substitutes. I know there is talk of the FA Cup going that way.

“I think Jurgen would be frustrated because in Germany they work very closely. I see the logic in what they are saying.

“A compact season like this is always a concern, with what you will get in the end.”

Southgate admitted that it was a challenge of his job to have a constructive dialogue with Premier League managers, who acknowledged that they are under intense pressure on managing players.

Tottenham manager José Mourinho recently questioned whether Southgate gave in to pressure from his Manchester City counterpart Pep Guardiola when Raheem Sterling withdrew from the England squad due to injury.

Sterling then appeared in City’s next game against Tottenham, while the Spurs had three players participating in games for England.

Southgate added: “We have the most intense competition at the top of our league.

“We have some very successful coaches who are highly motivated, all of our clubs are highly motivated and responsible.

“Almost our entire squad plays in England and our league is very different. It is one of the additional situations you have to deal with as England manager.

“It is always important to have respectful relationships, but the reality is that our goals are different. They are the players of the clubs, that must be respected ”.

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