Sources: The NFL is asking teams for additional wax info

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In an effort to avoid further suspensions like those given to Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown and defensive back Mike Edwards, NFL officials spent the past week calling several teams to hear about players who had COVID-19, had been vaccinated on the spot. at the team’s training facility or outside the venue elsewhere, league sources told ESPN on Saturday.

League officials want further information on this to determine if any other players have misrepresented their vaccination status, sources said. Teams have read about players using fake vaccination cards and have warned some of them about the seriousness of such an offense.

Although there do not appear to be any active investigations into fake vaccination cards, the league will make sure no other players try to play the system.

Even Buccaneer coach Bruce Arians urged the league to take further and stronger action.

“There’s a lot more to the story,” Arians told reporters Friday. “I just hope they do not stop leading.”

The league was so bothered by Brown’s and Edward’s actions that it wanted to suspend them for up to eight games, sources said. The league argued for six to eight match suspensions for each player, which would have ended their 2021 seasons.

But after negotiations and discussions with the NFL Players Association, the two sides decided on three-game suspensions for each of the three players disciplined in the past week. Brown, Edwards and John Franklin III were each suspended for three matches, with each player relinquishing his right to appeal.

But others around the league predict this will not be the last players suspended due to their vaccination status.

Fake vaccination cards are not part of the commonly agreed COVID-19 protocols because such violations are federal offenses and any player who tried to use a fake vaccination card would open up to a federal investigation – worse than discipline by the NFL. could impose.


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