Solskjaer seeks milestone, says that’s when Man Utd can talk about the title

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was coy about Manchester United’s title hopes after Marcus Rashford’s latest effort against Wolves propelled them to second place in the Premier League.

A troubled year that began with supporters petitioning the bosses of Executive Vice President Ed Woodward and the Glazer family ended with the Red Devils winning at an empty Old Trafford to move just two points behind leader Liverpool.

United’s mentality has been key to its improvements during 2020, with By Solskjaer The men dug deep Tuesday to seal a 1-0 win against the Wolves with a late shot deflected from Rashford.

When asked when he and the players recognize that they are in a title race, the United manager said: “There is no title race after 15 games.

“You can lose the opportunity to be in a race in the first 10 games, of course you can.

“But play another 15, get to 30 and then maybe we can start talking about a title race, when you get to March or April, when we’ve played at least half a season.

But the belief is there. Of course, players go into every game thinking that we can win against anyone, anywhere.

“Outside we have shown what we are capable of. I think we are also improving at home and this result is huge for confidence and attitude ”.

While United’s game was heavy at times on Tuesday, Solskjaer was proud of his players’ desire to “create a little luck” before ending the year on the top.

“You get by personalities, by recruiting,” he said of the group’s improved mindset.

Of course we’ve added that spark, I think, but also when you get results, and things go your way, that helps.

“We raised it at the beginning of a preseason that we need to score more points towards the end of the games. That is something we do as a club, we have done it many times and we have also done it several times this season.

“Physically we last the games longer. I have to say I feel a bit for Wolverhampton, they have had a recovery day, which I don’t think is suitable for any player or team to have just one day between games.

“We were the lucky ones with an early start at Leicester in this regard. Of course we had less recovery before the Leicester game.

“But I think the players deserve at least two days in between and I think it showed towards the end.”

United return to action against Aston Villa on New Years Day, while the injured Wolves start 2021 in Brighton the following day.

Nuno takes a ‘hard lesson’


Nuno Espirito Santo was understandably devastated by the late blow to the stomach Tuesday night, saying that “it was hard to accept.

The Wolves boss said: “We have experience to know that sometimes it is the other way around. We take this and move on.

“(The young players) did well. I think they did well. Situations happen. It is up to us to decide the right moments to play them and the response was good.

“I think today was a game that everyone should learn from, especially young children. It’s nothing they have to worry about, I think they did very, very well.

“But the game teaches that you have to be focused until the last moment. It is a difficult lesson to learn, but it is a good one ”.

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