Solskjaer admits that he could have made a mistake in the defeat of PSG

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has apparently admitted that his actions may have cost his team dearly tonight.

It’s not uncommon for managers to blame themselves, while taking the spotlight off their players, but Solskjaer has had enough attention on him this season, reluctantly. You would think that it is unwise to submit to further scrutiny.

However, with Fred fortunate to be on the field after a header in the first half, and the midfielder threatening to explode at several points before his eventual red card, he thinks it is unwise for Solskjaer to decide to leave him on the field, where his lack of a cool head eventually cost him his side.

Solskjaer, although tentative, seems to agree with that notion, at least somewhat. Speaking to Des Kelly after the game, the United boss suggested he may have made an error in judgment by allowing Fred to continue while in yellow and losing his cool.

What he cannot do, however, is complain about the second yellow card.

No, it was probably not justified, but Fred should have been sent off in the first half, and he thinks the referee may have used this as an opportunity to repair his earlier mistake. Anyway, rightly or wrongly, Fred didn’t deserve to be on the field.

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