Solid Jamshedpur took advantage of ATK Mohun Bagan’s set pieces defense

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Nerijus Valskis showed a thumbs-up after scoring his first goal, presumably because he realized that Bagan hadn’t planned set pieces in the game …

All Jamshedpur FC had to do to beat ATK Mohun Bagan in their 2020-21 Indian Super League (ISL) clash on Monday was get their set pieces right. Owen Coyle was correct in his tactic against Antonio Habas’s men seeking their fourth consecutive victory before the game.

In attack, the first thing Coyle did was put William Lalnunfela alongside star forward Nerijus Valskis and that play worked well every time the team moved forward looking for goals.

The game was end-to-end competition at times, but both TP Rehenesh and Arindam Bhattacharya dealt with the threats effectively – some of the saves were what they were expected to make, but there were also some standout saves in the mix.

The biggest difference between the teams was how they used set pieces. Jamshedpur looked like an Owen Coyle team that night – they had the characteristics that Indian fans were used to seeing in Chennaiyin last season.

Importantly, Alex Lima was key in ensuring Jamshedpur FC denied ATK midfielders Mohun Bagan any space to operate.

Nerijus Valskis Jamshedpur ISL

Habas seems to have insisted on zonal marking rather than going man-to-man and it backfired. For the first goal, Nerijus Valskis faced unopposed inside the box as he jumped and headed the ball past Arindam to open up the deadlock. Was a present? No, it was a good delivery and a very good header. But could Bagan have done better? Certainly yes.

Bagan’s defense and midfield had a bad day in their own half. Players who had done well through Sunday, like Carl McHugh, couldn’t keep up.

Whatever Habas said to his team at halftime had an effect as the Calcutta-based club dominated the proceedings for most of the second half. Coyle’s team, while a bit too defensive, was smart during the transitions. The teams canceled each other until Jamshedpur once again struck from a set piece.

It was the delivery of Aitor Monroy (again). Valskis was the scorer (again). It’s natural to wonder how someone like Valskis had all the time in the world to hit home delivery from the corner, not only because he’s one of the most prolific forwards in the ISL but also because he’s already got into the score sheet from a corner. in the first half. Bagan did not adapt or react to the strongholds of the opposition and were once again punished.

Bagan created chances as they chased the game towards the end, with Manvir Singh’s pace causing trouble at Jamshedpur’s backline. However, Peter Hartley and company. dealt with them.

Roy Krishna scored his usual goal in the 80th minute, although he was clearly offside and the goal should not have been allowed. It was just a consolation for a team that didn’t play well and hopes it’s just a bad day.


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