Soccer boots size guide

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When buying football boots, of course, the size must be the right one. Its not very easy, and the sizes vary from brand to brand.

Therefore, use this guide the next time you need to find the right size for your new football boots.

Soccer boots size guide
Soccer boots size guide

Generally about sizes and fit

In general, your football boots should be of the same size as your regular shoes. So use it as a starting point when choosing your boots.

However, you need to keep in mind that you need to wear soccer socks when you wear the soccer boots, and therefore there needs to be room for a thicker sock than you wear in your regular shoes.

Measure your foot

Therefore, it is a good idea to measure your foot with football socks on to find the right size. By having the length of your foot, you can also find the right size across brands. You can use the table below.

You measure your foot by laying a piece of paper on the floor up against the wall. Place your foot on the paper with the heel up against the wall, and mark the outermost part of your foot on the paper. Make sure the paper is large enough.

Afterward, measure from the edge of the paper to your mark and you have the length of your foot. Remember to put on a pair of football socks so you get the right size.

Must sit without squeezing

Once you have found the right size, it is important that the boot also fits well on the foot. The boot must fit on the foot, but without squeezing. There should be about an inch between your foot and the shoelace. Then you have the right size.

In relation to the fit, you also need to pay attention to the material. Leather gives in at first, while boots made of synthetic material do not give in. They must, therefore, fit well from the start.

Try several different boots so you know which one fits your foot best.

If you need to buy boots for a child, check out the guide Football boots for children – how to find the right ones.

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