Slavia Praha launches savage attack on Leicester City star, claiming she is overweight and wearing a tummy tuck corset

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Ahead of their Europa League tie later this month, Czech Slavia Praha have launched a savage attack on Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

In what has been a bizarre personal attack on the Danish stopper, no one is quite sure what Schmeichel has done to deserve to be featured.

During preparation for his Europa League first round knockout on Thursday, Slavia Praha’s internal media outlet ‘Slavia TV’ labeled Schmeichel as ‘overweight’ and even went so far as to suggest that he wears a corset under his uniform. .

Former Czech radio host Jan Hosek gave a breakdown of what Slavia Praha can expect when they face the Foxes later this week and admitted that the match will not be easy.

However, despite acknowledging that Schmeichel is one of his opponent’s best players, Hosek went on to say that if the Dane plays for Slavia Praha, coach Jindrich Trpisovsky would soon get him back in shape.

The present went on to say (quoted by Sun.): “Occasionally he [Schmeichel] he makes a mistake, but overall his performances have been extremely good and he’s also a kind of glue that holds the team together.

“He is a goalkeeper who has had problems with his healthy lifestyle. Certainly a tough coach who favors athleticism and the physical aspects of training, like Trpisovsky, would probably want Schmeichel to lose five or 10 kilos.

“And by the way, as far as I know, Schmeichel must be the only Premier League player to wear a corset under his shirt.”

Clearly not a fan of the English club, Hosek even went on to say: “If it weren’t for football, you probably wouldn’t know much about him. Leicester is a city in central England. It is a city that I personally would not like to live in.

“Other than the Cathedral and the surroundings, there really isn’t much to do there.”

Good boy, huh?

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