‘Shut up and move on’

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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown makes a magnificent proclamation about himself while trying to assert his dominance over a Tennessee Titans fan on Twitter.

No one thinks AJ Brown is the greatest wide receiver in Houston Oilers / Tennessee Titans history more than the new Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver himself.

Admittedly, it was a big three-year run for the former Ole Miss standout in Nashville, but the guy did not even make it to an Olympics in Music City. In fact, all three players who orchestrated Home Run Throwback to Music City Miracle the Buffalo Bills were better Titans than Brown (Lorenzo Neal to Frank Wycheck to Kevin Dyson, who could ever forget?). Emotions are still hurt.

Here, Brown goes after a Titans fan who declares that he is the best thing that has ever happened to the Titans through the air in their robust 60-plus years as a professional football franchise.

“For God’s love, I was the best recipient to play for your franchise. Shut up and move on. You’re mad at the wrong person,” Brown tweeted to a Titans fan who was still angry that he was bailing for some children in a camp.

AJ Brown really showed this Tennessee Titans fan on Twitter, okay

see. Here is nothing but the very best for Brown and his new team. 2022 Eagles will be amazing. They can not only win the NFC East, but can get to a conference title fight if everything goes their way this fall. No doubt he’s a hall-of-fame talent at the top of his game, but three years in Nashville does not entitle him to say he’s the Titans’ best wideout ever.

In his 43 career games for the Titans, Brown had 185 catches for 2,995 receiving yards and 24 touchdowns. Had he repeated it over three more seasons, for sure, but this is where he ranks all the time in the Oilers / Titans lore: 111th in the game, 19th in receptions, 16th in yardage and 12th in touchdowns. Charley Hennigan, Ernest Givins, Derrick Mason and others all want a word …

Ultimately, everyone involved with the Eagles and Titans needs to move on from this. Both teams are expected to do great things. However, each has at least one team in the division with which they compete for a penny. Philadelphia will battle the Dallas Cowboys for NFC East dominance this fall, while Tennessee hopes to prevent the Indianapolis Colts from overtaking them in the AFC South position.

Brown should definitely channel his inner Lane Kiffin and just be done with Tennessee in general.

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