Sergio Ramos now plays in adidas Copa!

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For several weeks, Sergio Ramos seems to be moving away from Nike. After New Balance, it is now adidas that is visible at the feet of the Madrid captain.

The talent drain continues at Nike and it is a comma history of the brand that now seems to be leaving the American supplier. Returning to training after an injury that kept him away for a few days, Sergio Ramos appeared with a very different pair of crampons from the Tiempo he usually uses. And for good reason since it is a pair of Copa 20.1 from adidas! After having tested a pair of New Balance Tekela v3 in masked version, it is a Copa and in its latest color that appears at the feet of the captain of Real Madrid and emblematic ambassador of the Tiempo range at Nike. Clearly, the 2020 bootsmercato will be the craziest in history!

For several days now, Sergio Ramos has been using different models. In addition to his signature Tiempo Legend 7 “Heart & Blood” which is the real red thread of recent months, the Spanish international wore a pair of Tiempo Legend 8 entirely blue from the New Lights pack of 2019 but also that of the last official pack of Nike, Daybreak. But suddenly, and like the bombshell when he had tested a pair of New Balance, Sergio Ramos surprises everyone with a competing pair. This time, it’s adidas who takes the lead and in the latest color of the Copa range to boot. A choice which is obviously not anecdotal for Sergio Ramos and which does not result from a simple ” oh thin i forgot my shoes“. Even more than any player, Sergio Ramos knows that his actions will be scrutinized by photographers and it is therefore in all conscience that he used this model. It remains to be seen whether it will be a definitive choice or a simple wet firecracker like with the Tekela.

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