Sergio Ramos: New Balance or adidas?

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A few hours apart, Sergio Ramos and Timothy Weah stood out on the pitch by wearing New Balance crampons. A prototype for Ramos, a new color for Weah.

What if the soccer cleats market was truly shifting into another world? Besides the many players who seem to be leaving Nike while others come to fill the ranks of Puma, things seem to be happening on the New Balance Football side as well. Still far from unleashing the crowds just a few months ago, the American brand seems to be in full rebirth thanks to the presence of its Furon at the feet of players like Tanguy Ndombélé or Bukayo Saka and while Raheem Sterling seemed to be testing the next version.

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Sergio Ramos: New Balance or adidas?

But in recent days, Sergio Ramos has also entered the dance. First thanks to a masked Tekela v3 brought to training which could suggest a rapprochement with NB but which will ultimately be followed by the test of a pair of adidas Copa 20.1. But that was before the official 2020-2021 Real Madrid photo and this photo where we see the captain wearing the silhouette of what could be the next version of the Tekela! A silo which at the same time seems to have found itself at the feet of Timothy Weah during the match between LOSC and Sparta Prague. In short, 2020 is the year of surprises.


For eternity, Sergio Ramos thus posed with a pair of masked New Balance during the official photo of the season 2020-2021 of Real Madrid. Associated with Nike for years, the captain of Real Madrid thus clearly shows the color by wearing a pair devoid of any brand and above all redistributes the cards once again since we thought he was more than ever close to adidas after seeing him in Copa 20.1 in recent days. If Nike now appears to be out of the race, who will take the jackpot? New Balance or adidas?

On the side of Lille and despite a low playing time, Timothy Weah still managed to stand out thanks to a pair of Tekela v3 (the current version) but in a new color that could be from the next pack. He who was associated with Nike during the beginning of his career and who recently switched to adidas could again change and be closer to an American brand. A nice catch for the OEM from Boston?

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