Second, controversial 1-of-1 Tom Brady rookie card sold at auction for $ 396,000

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A 2000 Fleer Showcase Masterpiece Tom Brady rookie card, number 1 of 1 – the only one of its kind – and featured 8.5 NM-MT + by Beckett Grading Services sold Thursday night for $ 396,000 with collectibles marketplace PWCC, including 20% ​​buyer premium.

Except it wasn’t the only one of its kind. Another 1-of-1 of the exact same Brady rookie card, rated by PSA, is also available.

When the sports card market soared in the early to mid-1990s, it was largely due to widespread fraud and overproduction – with a bit of the MLB strike in 1994 mixed in. Apparently, from one day to the next, thousands of U.S. brick-and-mortar stores fell into the hundreds.

A fatal flaw was the lack of transparency over how many copies of each card were produced. For example, there are reportedly more than 2 million 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. exist. rookie cards that once had collectors running wild. Junior eleven said he even owned more than 100.

At the time of the crash, manufacturers had already begun stamping serial numbers on coveted cards, called hunting cards. Some went in the hundreds, others went in the thousands. The first 1-of-1 card was produced in the late 1990s, and soon after made 1-of-1 printing plates – thin metal plates used to transfer images to cardboard, responsible for the images on sports cards – their way into collectors’ hands.

The creation of 1-of-1s gave collectors the ultimate hunting card: literally one of a kind.

Two 1-of-1s is not just an extremely rare aberration – it is the fear of industrial skeptics everywhere.

PWCC characterized finding a Brady 1-of-1 rookie card as Howard Carter locating King Tut’s tomb. But when a client (who prefers to remain anonymous) came to PWCC with the BGS-rated Fleer Showcase Masterpiece Brady rookie with “The Only 1 of 1 Masterpiece” stamp on the back – where Brady is pictured with a buzz cut and hailed for his “equilibrium”. [and production]especially in the big games “- Carter might as well have found Tut’s grave in a pinch.

Why did two unique Brady rookies soar into the world?

PWCC first contacted the owner of the second Brady 1-of-1, classified as Authentic by PSA, still in their possession and not for sale. The concern was that this BGS-rated Brady had been the same card, cracked up and downgraded, but it was quickly stopped.

Fleer and Upper Deck have confirmed that in the early days of serial numbering, card producers sometimes printed several 1-of-1s while experimenting with productions, or even if one was destroyed – but they were never meant to leave factories.

It seems that one did somehow.

The PWCC flew a team from Oregon to Beckett’s offices in Dallas to hand over the Beckett-rated Brady. Beckett confirmed that the BGS-rated Brady was actually classified and placed in his record on February 4, 2004 and is authentic. The PSA rated version is also believed to be authentic. The buyer of the Beckett-rated 1-of-1 will receive a letter of authenticity from Beckett.

The former owner of the Beckett-rated version, now the seller, remembers buying the card on eBay in 2005 for about $ 2,000.

Brady had just delivered the New England Patriots three Super Bowl rings in four seasons as a starter … so he had a sense of the guy.

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