Scaloni expects ‘sacrificial spirit’ for Argentina after Finalissima victory

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Argentina’s head coach Lionel Scaloni insisted his team can compete with any team at the World Cup following their 3-0 win over Italy in the UEFA / CONMEBOL Finalissima at Wembley on Wednesday.

Albiceleste were ruthless in the transition and threw themselves over every opportunity to counter, with first-half goals from Lautaro Martinez and Angel Di Maria ending with Paulo Dybala’s strike in the second half to injury.

Argentina set a new national team record in the process and now moves on to 32 matches unbeaten.

Given the 2021 Copa America triumph, Scaloni said that although his team is well on its way to Qatar, success will only come through spirit.

“What counts is the spirit of sacrifice, struggle and team spirit that the group shows beyond the results,” he told ESPN Argentina. “What we want is an achievement, knowing what the team is looking for on the pitch.

“There is perhaps too much enthusiasm [in the public], because in football when you think everything’s done, they take you down with a stroke of the pen. We know we are going to a World Cup to compete on an equal footing with any team.

“We believe that winning by confidence frees you from many things, but we are not exempt from the fact that the team can block itself at some point, and that is what worries me. We must be prepared if fate takes a turn. ”

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