Sauce Gardner makes a bold statement before the end of the April showcase

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Potential NFL cornerback Sauce Gardner makes a bold statement about his draft position ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Aside from their position on the field, cornerbacks reflect wide receivers in the mentality. The best NFL wide receivers illustrate the skill of their offense, sprinting down the field and earning points on a brilliant display.

But aside from a lurking pick-6, the best cornerbacks can be harder to spot because the receiver they cover is eliminated from the game. Anyone familiar with ‘Revis Island’ knows that the best corners are not always noticed because they completely lock in the recipients they target. While Trevon Diggs got attention for his interceptions, JC Jackson was without a doubt the better cornerback in 2021.

That’s probably why New England did not want Jackson to get attention with a Pro Bowl nod back in 2020 – and with good reason, because now Jackson got the contract he knows he deserved with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Maybe that’s why wide receivers and cornerbacks tend to be the most outwardly confident players on the field, known for talking themselves up and talking opponents down like no other. While Larry Fitzgerald is an outlier in every sense of the word (he used to ask the corners how their families felt until Richard Sherman burned him during chit-chat), most wideouts and corners will say they are the best in the game . Deion Sanders did it, Jalen Ramsey did it, and now Cincinnati Bearcats corner Sauce Gardner is doing it with a bold claim: he’s the best player in the NFL Draft.

Sauce Gardner draws attention to the NFL’s unmatched ability as a cornerback

It is well known that players’ actions are carefully scrutinized as things move up for the NFL Draft, where the best prospects face countless interviews and numerous physical exhibits.

And as bold as calling yourself the best player in the draft, Gardner draws serious NFL predictions and comparisons that support his claim.

Gardner is already being compared to Antonio Cromartie, where the NFL suggests that four Pro Bowl nominations may also be in Gardner’s future. This bodes well for the fact that Gardner could follow closely in Cromartie’s footsteps, as the Jets reportedly have “great interest” in Gardner.

Gardner also told Twitter followers that he will be the reigning cornerback for whichever team chooses him, which is likely a manifestation that Gardner will strive to make it a success.

After all, Gardner has been modeling his game on some of the best corners of the game over the last decade, including Cromartie, Sherman and Jalen Ramsey.

While wide receivers and cornerbacks have the unfair reputation of being overbearing, the best in the game can always back up what they say. And since Gardner already draws comparisons with elite companies, there is no reason to believe that any of these tweets will not manifest itself over the next few years.

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