Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf squash threatening trade rumors for now

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Everyone is circling the water to see if the Seahawks will swap valuable players in a rebuild, but Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf are not taking the lure.

The Seahawks reached the pinnacle of success early in the Pete Carroll era, winning a Super Bowl championship and participating in two consecutive Super Bowls in the mid-2010s.

While the Seahawks have not been able to play past the division round since 2014, Seattle is still visiting the off-season. This season is completely different.

Their current record of 6-10 signals a team far from their next ring, causing rumors of reconstruction to storm the press conference climate.

Bobby Wagner was questioned again this week after he revealed he did not know what Seattle had in store for him. Wagner maintains “a lot of optimism” that he will remain a Seahawk, and so does Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf.

Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf among the latest Seahawks to clarify intentions to stay in Seattle

Russell Wilson has had to dispel rumors of his departure for almost a year now, as The Athletic reported in February last year that Wilson and his camp were interested in leaving Seattle.

Since then, Wilson has vehemently insisted he plans to stay with the Seahawks while pursuing success with the team that has drafted him.

Metcalf is on track for a possible extension with the team, and this is where things get tough: everyone may want to stay in Seattle, but someone will have to go down in salary for that to happen.

The dynamic wide receiver fell in the 2019 NFL Draft, which worked for Seattle’s wallet: the team will pay Metcalf a little less than $ 1.5 million in 2022, unless he signs an extension, which he certainly has the option of achieving. Wilson will raise $ 37 million next year, Wagner will raise $ 20 million, and Tyler Lockett, Metcalf’s counterpart, is set to earn $ 10 million. Metcalf makes money on its production and guarantees a top-10 salary, which means that Seattle’s best players deserve their contracts – but that leaves room for something else.

Right now, the Seahawks have $ 53 million left in cap space, but that doesn’t go far when it comes to luring the best free agents. And when it comes to drawing talent the way Seattle did in 2012, it’s simply impossible: the Seahawks do not have enough choices this offseason.

Wilson, Metcalf and Wagner might want to win with Seattle, but how will they achieve that? The Patriots dynasty ran out of bad drafts, which eventually forced Tom Brady to leave the team. Through a revised draft strategy and $ 159 million in free agency expenses, New England eventually found a way back. It’s hard to imagine how Seattle will manage to do the same with just four 2022 draft picks.

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