Ronaldo tricks 4 Genoa players to create Juventus winner

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2021 and Cristiano Ronaldo continues to amaze, the 35-year-old turned the years back to show that he is still one of the best and most skilled dribblers to create an opportunity from which Juventus scored.

Ronaldo was only called from the bench in the 88th minute of the Old Lady’s Cup d’Italia round of 16 tie against Genoa, but he played a key role in the Italian powerhouses claiming a winner in extra time.

In the 103rd minute of the match, Ronaldo received the ball in the packed area from Álvaro Morata, the superstar controlled the ball and used some clever dribbles and body feints to get it out of the area, thus protecting it from being snatched in the flooded penalty area. .

Ronaldo then threw the ball between his feet as four Genoa players continued to watch him, three of whom were close to the attacker.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United player had the ball rolled neatly and eventually a brilliant false shot fooled the four Genoa players trying to keep him at bay, as he slid towards Morata.

Morata then floated a ball into the center of the area, with Hamza Rafia displaying grit and poacher mentality to pick up the ball and punch it deep into the net on his pro debut.

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Juventus have walked away from victory at 3-2, and the team took an early 2-0 lead before collapsing against Genoa and having to secure their place in the next round of the cup in extra time.

Andrea Pirlo looked to the Portuguese superstar for the spark in extra time and he certainly helped do so, with Rafia capitalizing on the excellent work of Ronaldo and Morata to score a huge winner.

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