Roma forward Stephan el Shaarawy pursues a possible car thief

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No one really knows how they will react to some kind of robbery until they get caught in it, but it seems that Italian footballers are more than happy to fight back.

The gold standard will always be the star of Juventus Leonardo Bonucci who responded to threats from an armed robber by choosing to confront the gunman with his bare fists, but Stephan el Shaarawy also deserves credit.

Soccer Italy They have reported that he was confronted by someone smashing his car window today and trying to steal it, although the thief started fleeing before he could grab it.

Rather than letting him go and getting on with his day, the Roma forward chased after him and knocked him down with some sort of entry move, before holding him back until some cops could take him away.

We’ve seen in his football career that he always had a change of pace, so you would like him to hunt down most people, but it’s impressive that he managed to stop it.

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