Robert Lewandowski getting closer and closer to Puma

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Robert Lewandowski at Puma, of course, it’s not yet official. But the last training of the Poland striker gives even more weight to what may no longer be a mere rumor …

Two months after Neymar, Puma could well be striking a blow in the world of football boots by engaging the services of the one who is probably today, the best number 9 on the planet: Robert Lewandowski. A few days after having surprised the Bayern Munich striker with a pair of Ultra, it is with the prototype recently seen at the feet of Neymar that the Pole trained during the last session of the national team.

After Neymar, Lewandowski at Puma?

What if Robert Lewandowski became the face of this next model alongside Neymar? We would never have believed it a year ago, but today everything seems possible. Since the Brazilian’s surprise signing, nothing seems to scare Puma anymore and players also seem to have a different take on the brand’s products. From the crazy rumor of a month ago to the confirmation that something is going on, Lewandowski at Puma, it seems to be inexorably approaching

Posted on the Polish national team’s official account and quietly shared by the Bayern Munich striker, the photo of him training in a Puma prototype is still quite an incredible thing. He, the iconic muse of the Hypervenom and the Phantom Venom, seems more than ever in deep discussion with Puma to the point that he even tests the new products of the German brand in the same way as the current ambassadors. If we knew it in delicacy with the Phantom GT which does not seem to have its favors since it still wears its Phantom Venom, it is difficult to believe that Nike can so easily let go of a player certainly aged 32 but especially at the top of his career and his talent.


Considered by all as the one who should have won the Ballon d’Or 2020, RL9 therefore seems closer than ever to the brand of the leaping feline which would make an incredible blow on the crampon market. While today, the visibility of a brand at the feet of important players is undoubtedly vital to boost product sales, Puma could quite simply fold the cards of Sports Marketing by having in its fold Neymar, Griezmann, Suarez or even Aguero.

Obviously, the arrival of Robert Lewandowski at Puma is still to be taken with a grain of salt since in this World everything can quickly change, but this year 2020 will forever remain as the most exciting on the subject of player sponsors.


Photo credits: Instagram @laczynaspilka

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