Richarlison scores Man City with lucky touch

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In the 37th minute of tonight’s Premier League meeting between Everton and Manchester City, the Toffees had a stroke of luck to be thankful for for drawing against the league leaders.

Seamus Coleman floated a dangerous cross over the middle of the area, which ended up avoiding everyone and heading for Lucas Digne.

The Frenchman launched the ball towards the goal with a powerful shot, Richarlison was on the goal line and looked ready to put the ball when the connection completely failed.

Fortunately, for the Brazilian’s sake, the ball whizzed past the post before bouncing off and being returned by a modest Richarlison via a touch from his thigh.

Images from Prime Video and Canal + Sport.

Richarlison, Carlo Ancelotti and the Toffees will take a goal either way against Pep Guardiola’s team that is on their way to the title, one that could slow down without a win tonight.

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