Ribéry with hidden crampons, another departure for Nike?

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Historic Nike ambassador, Franck Ribéry trains and now plays with masked studs. What if Nike lost a new player?

For more than 15 years, Franck Ribéry rhymes with Nike. For most of his career, the former OM and Bayern Munich player wore a pair of Nike Mercurial and the silo is forever associated with the French international. How can we forget the pink Mercurial that the player played in 2008 and which was at the origin of Kylian Mbappé’s signature pair during this year 2020? How to forget the advertising campaigns featuring him and how not to remember all the iconic pairs that Ribéry wore during more than 15 years of professional career. Now a Fiorentina player, Franck Ribéry stands out today with a pair of full black crampons at his feet. Renegotiation? End of contract ? One thing is certain, it is a new Nike player who is talking about him and not just any.


Neymar, Ibrahimovic, Sterling, Lewandowski, Varane, Sergio Ramos. Recently, players under contract with Nike are talking about them. So certainly, the American brand remains the most powerful to this day in the football world and our latest infographics have proven that it is still the dominant brand in the market, but how to hide the fact that historical players like Neymar and Sterling are leaving? Nike or that Varane, Sergio Ramos and Lewandowski test models from another brand. On the side of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Franck Ribéry, the situation has not yet taken place but the fact is that the two players seem to be in a negotiation with the equipment manufacturer with the comma since the Swedish hides the swoosh on his social networks while the French now wears a full black pair after playing with the yellow and white color of the Daybreak pack and the black and red “black / chile red” version. What if Ribéry left Nike in the weeks or months to come?


While the Sports Marketing teams of all the brands are necessarily impacted by the health crisis and the economic crisis that goes with it, contract renegotiations and extensions are much more complicated to put in place lately. In addition to the endowments that have fallen for all players under contract, those who find themselves at the end of the partnership can quickly find themselves in a situation like that of Ribéry and Ibrahimovic. A set of musical chairs can then be set up and it is the smaller brands that could benefit from it. New Balance, which has been showing up with many players for a few weeks, could just be one of the winners of this rather confused overall situation. There is no doubt that the coming weeks will give a more precise idea of ​​the future of Ribéry and Ibrahimovic as Nike ambassador.

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