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A little over two years after the launch of its first version, COPA is unveiling its first real evolution. New shape, new technologies. Let’s see what it is worth.

A reinvented classic, this is how the new adidas COPA Sense can be defined. Built from the DNA of the legendary Copa Mundial, the pair are a mix of history and modernity. With its new SensePods, TouchPods and SoftStuds technologies, the COPA Sense + has been designed to improve the synergy between the shoe and the ball. Go in a few lines for the verdict.



The adidas COPA Sense is, I find, not the most attractive shoe at first glance, although I find it more beautiful than the previous version. This leather side without laces gives it a slightly pudgy, heavy appearance that I cannot explain. However, once the pair is on, it draws a fairly thin foot. And to tell the truth, the full black launch color is quite treacherous. He does not put it to his advantage and for example I found the pair much more beautiful in its color “Inner Life”. 




In short: incredible. I have never been so comfortable in a pair of football boots. The SensePods innovation present at the back of the shoe keeps all its promises, that is to say, to fill the empty space between the heel and the shoe – the ankle and the shoe. It’s quite unsettling the first time you put the shoe on, like the feeling of being “caught” in the heel, but you get used to it very quickly and it’s very pleasant. There is no friction, the shoe accompanies the foot with each of its movements.


Generally speaking, I struggled with the three-stripe brand’s slip-on shoes until the last Predator was released. I found the neckline too tight, I had trouble sliding my foot into it and I felt too tight inside the shoe. But on both the Predator Freak + and the COPA Sense +, adidas changed this part and the problem disappeared. The forefoot has been widened which makes the shoe more suitable for different shapes of feet. Finally, inside the shoe, there is a kind of suede that offers a rather surprising but very pleasant feeling of softness.



When it comes to touch, adidas has integrated TouchPods technology into the COPA Sense. These are two shock-absorbing pads placed inside and outside the shoe, in the places most used by players to handle the ball. And again, this technology keeps its promises. You really feel this foam cushioning effect when you have the ball between your feet. It’s very pleasant and it gives a feeling of confidence. It’s leather, and if you love leather, you can’t help but be won over.




The last big innovation of the COPA Sense + is found at the level of the sole, it is the SoftStuds technology. These are the two small crampons placed at the front of the foot to provide more comfort. They are made of a softer material so as to bend when changing direction to absorb force. Now do we feel it? Not necessarily, at least that is not obvious. I also did not have bad feelings with the pair. It’s a good sole, with good stability, good grip, that’s all I’m asking for.

adidas copa sense manueverability



The COPA Sense is a shoe to take care of. Even though it looks more solid than the previous version, it’s still leather, so it’s quite fragile, so be careful, especially if you’re used to playing on synthetic pitches.

adidas copa sense durability



And finally for the quality / price ratio, the adidas COPA Sense + costs 280 €, as usual therefore for the models without laces of the brand with the three stripes. If you are looking for a quality shoe, that you like leather and that you maintain it properly, you will get your money’s worth with this COPA Sense.


Verdict? Comfort, comfort, comfort. This is what I take away from this adidas COPA Sense +. I have never felt so comfortable in a pair of crampons. Combined with its very good touch on the ball, that makes this shoe one of my favorites.

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