Report: Watson met with 66 women for massage

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The New York Times reported Tuesday that Cleveland Brown quarterback Deshaun Watson ordered massage appointments with at least 66 different women over 17 months from fall 2019 to spring 2021.

The list of 66 includes the 24 women who have filed lawsuits against Watson, two of them in the past week; a woman who sued Watson but then withdrew the complaint; two women who filed criminal charges against Watson but did not sue him; at least 15 therapists who issued statements of support to Watson at the request of his attorneys; at least four therapists had contracts with the Texans; five women identified by the plaintiffs’ lawyers during the investigation of their civil cases; and at least 15 other women whose appointments with Watson were confirmed through interviews and records reviewed by The Times.

A couple of these extra women spoke publicly for the first time to the Times. A woman who did not sue Watson or complain to police told The Times that he was persistent in his requests for sexual acts during their massage, including “begging” her to put his mouth on his penis.

The New York Times also reported that the confidentiality agreement that Watson gave some of the women to sign came from Texas security director Brent Naccara. The Times reports that the NDA was in Watson’s closet at NRG Stadium days after a woman posted Watson’s phone number on Instagram.

The Texans declined to comment on the NDA, but said in a statement that they only found out about the allegations against Watson in March 2021, when the first lawsuit was filed.

The latest lawsuit filed Monday says the plaintiff massaged Watson twice. The first session, the trial says, was interrupted because “Watson had to go abruptly after taking a phone call.” The trial says Watson planned another massage a few days later when the woman said Watson exposed herself and masturbated and “offered no apology or explanation for her behavior.” The trial states that the plaintiff “shortly after stopped massage therapy.”

In a statement released Monday night, Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said: “We are unable to respond to the new lawsuit at this time. Our legal team has not had time to investigate this new application and had not heard her name before. today. Deshaun goes on to deny that he did anything inappropriate to any of the plaintiffs. “

When the 24th trial was formally announced, Watson participated in the Browns’ charity golf outing in Rocky River, Ohio. He did not speak to the media.

Although two major juries in Texas declined to pursue criminal charges against Watson earlier this year, the NFL is investigating whether he violated its code of conduct and interviewed the quarterback in person last month as part of the investigation. At the league’s spring meeting, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he thought the NFL was nearing the end of its investigation, but he could not provide a timeline for when a decision could be made.

Watson has denied any wrongdoing.

“What I can continue to do is tell the truth,” he said on March 25, his first and only media interview since joining the Browns. “And it is that I have never assaulted, disrespected or harassed any woman in my life.”

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