Real Madrid and Barcelona will return millions after judicial loss

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While you can talk about Real Madrid and Barcelona spending a lot of money in the summer in an effort to improve, it’s hard to see it actually happen.

It has been widely reported that both clubs are in debt so the money is simply not there, while it is a difficult time to raise funds through player sales when most other clubs are struggling right now.

Barça are going through a difficult time right now after their former president was arrested and there are still a lot of things up in the air, while a report from the AP This afternoon has brought more bad news.

It relates to a court case that has been rumbling for a few years, but focuses on the state aid both teams received after it was deemed “illegal” in court.

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The latest ruling comes from the highest court of the EU, which has decided to uphold the original decision, so it seems that both clubs will have to return a large amount of money.

The amount is confirmed to be in the millions, although it may be capped at 5 million euros, but the Spanish authorities have yet to decide the exact amount.

It might not sound like a large amount when you consider some of the transfer fees that are going around these days, but if both clubs are already struggling to get funding then this is the last thing you need.

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