Rating by Kyler Murray’s scramble, Jonathan Taylor’s top speed and other great NFL highlights

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Statistics in an NFL boxing score sometimes do not reflect the incredible nature of a play. A 10-yard touchdown pass may not sound like much, but when the quarterback should scramble 30 yards before passing, there is another level of appreciation.

This is where Next Gen Stats comes in, and goes into the numbers to give a true look at the difficulty level – or expertise – of particular games.

Here’s a collection of Next Gen highlights from the regular 2021 season, from the fastest speeds during a touchdown to the tightest windows for a touchdown pass and more.

Fastest speed clocked during a TD: Runs backwards

one. 22.13 mph: Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts, under 67-yard TD on Dec. 18 vs. New England Patriots

thaw. 22.05 mph: Taylor under 78-yard TD on Nov. 4 vs. New York Jets

3. 21.80 mph: Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans, during a 76-yard TD on Oct. 18 vs. the buffalo notes

Fastest speed clocked under a TD: Wide receiver

one. 22.09 mph: Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Green Bay Packers, during a 75-yard TD on Nov. 21 vs. Minnesota Vikings

thaw. 21.74 mph: Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals, during a 72-yard TD on Jan. 2 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

3. 21.62 mph: Jamal Agnew, Jacksonville Jaguars, during a 66-yard TD on Nov. 14 vs. Colts

Fastest speed clocked during a TD race: Quarterback

one. 20.0 km / h: Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints, during a 44-yard run on Dec. 12 vs. the jets

thaw. 19.92 mph: Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles, during a 3-yard run on Nov. 21 vs. the saints

3. 19.51 mph: Taylor Heinicke, Washington Football Team, during a 4-yard run on Sept. 26 vs. Bills

Fastest speed clocked during a TD catch: Tight end

one. 20.54 mph: Brock Wright, Detroit Lions, during a 36-yard TD on Jan. 9 vs. Packers

thaw. 19.7 km / h: David Njoku, Cleveland Browns, during a 71-yard TD on Oct. 10 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

3. 18.86 mph: Tommy Tremble, Carolina Panthers, during a 7-yard TD on Sept. 23 vs. Houston Texans

Fastest speed measured during a scoring game: Defensive lineman

one. 18.41 mph: Rasheem Green, Seattle Seahawks, during a blocked PAT return, resulting in a 2-point conversion on Nov. 29 vs. Washington

thaw. 17.51 ​​mph: DeMarcus Lawrence, Dallas Cowboys, during a 40-yard interception return on Dec. 26 vs. Washington

3. 17.26 mph: Carlos Watkins, Cowboys, during a 29-yard interception return on Dec. 2 vs. the saints

Fastest speed clocked during a TD: Linebacker

one. 21.05 mph: Mykal Walker, Atlanta Falcons, during a 66-yard interception return on Dec. 12 vs. the panthers

thaw. 19.47 mph: Dre Greenlaw, San Francisco 49ers, during a 39-yard interception return on Sept. 12 vs. the lions

3. 19.27 mph: Alex Singleton, Eagles during a 29-yard interception return on Dec. 26 vs. New York Giants

Fastest speed during a TD: Offensive lineman

one. 12.4 km / h: Conor McDermott, Jets, during a 1-yard reception on Dec. 26 vs. The Jaguars

thaw. 10.86 mph: Taylor Decker, Lions, during a 6-yard reception on Jan. 2 vs. Seahawks

3. 10.76 mph: Danny Pinter, Colts, during a 2-yard reception on Nov. 4 vs. the jets

Fastest speed measured during a TD: Defensive back

one. 22.07 mph: Pat Surtain II, Denver Broncos, during a 70-yard interception return on Nov. 28 vs. the chargers

thaw. 21.68 mph: Tavierre Thomas, Texans, during a 48-yard interception return on Dec. 26 vs. the chargers

3. 21.52 mph: Anthony Brown, Cowboys, during a 45-yard interception return on Oct. 10 vs. the giants

Fastest speed overall by a ball carrier on any game

one. 22.13 mph: Taylor, Colts, under 67-yard TD on Dec. 18 vs. the patriots

thaw. 22.09 mph: Valdes-Scantling, Packers, during a 75-yard TD on Nov. 21 vs. the Vikings

3. 22.07 mph: Surtain, Broncos, during a 70-yard interception return on Nov. 28 vs. the chargers

Maximum air distance (release point to capture point) on a completed passport

one. 66.4 air distance: Baker Mayfield, Browns, on a 57-yard TD pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones on Oct. 17 vs. Arizona Cardinals

thaw. 63.8 air distance: Justin Herbert, Chargers, on a 59-yard TD pass to Jalen Guyton on Dec. 12 vs. the giants

3. 62.0 air distance: Russell Wilson, Seahawks, on a 55-yard TD pass to Tyler Lockett on Dec. 12 vs. the Texans

Most yards scrambled before a TD pass

one. 34.0 scramble yards: Hurts, Eagles, on a 15-yard TD pass to Greg Ward on Sept. 27 vs. cowboys

thaw. 29.9 scramble yards: Zach Wilson, Jets, on a 53-yard TD pass to Corey Davis on Oct. 3 vs. the titans

3. 29.4 scramble yards: Kyler Murray, Cardinals, on a 77-yard TD pass to Rondale Moore on Sept. 26 vs. The Jaguars

The closest window to a TD passport

one. 0.29 yards: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, on a 38-yard pass to Darrel Williams on Nov. 14 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

thaw. 0.30 yards: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on a 2-yard pass to Mike Evans on Oct. 24 vs. Chicago Bears

3. 0.32 yards: Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers, on a 21-yard pass to Ross Dwelley on Oct. 3 vs. Seahawks

Fastest to pick up a sack

one. 1.87 seconds: Shaq Thompson, Panthers, while firing the Cardinals’ Colt McCoy on November 14

thaw. 1.90 seconds: Jordyn Brooks, Seahawks, while firing Garoppolo on October 3rd

3. 2.00 seconds: Brandon Jones, Miami Dolphins, while firing the Jets’ Joe Flacco on November 21st

Lowest completion probability on a completed pass

one. 8%: Dak Prescott, Cowboys, on a 26-yard pass to Amari Cooper on Jan. 8 vs. the eagles

thaw. 8.2%: Herbert, Chargers, on a 16-yard pass to Jared Cook on Nov. 28 vs. Broncos

3. 9.1%: Sam Darnold, Panthers on a 27-yard pass to DJ Moore on Sept. 12 vs. the jets

Most yards achieved above expectation on a race

one. +75: Taylor, Colts, on a 78-yard run on Nov. 4 vs. Jets (expected yards: 3)

thaw. +73: Taylor, Colts, on an 82-yard run on Oct. 17 vs. Texans (expected yards: 10)

3. +72: Justin Jackson, Chargers, on a 74-yard run on Sept. 19 vs. Cowboys (expected yards: 3)

Most yards after catching above expectation

one. +78: Deebo Samuel, 49ers, at an 83-yard reception on Oct. 31 vs. the Bears (expected YAC: 9 yds, current YAC: 87)

thaw. +73: Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals, at an 82-yard reception on Oct. 24 vs. the Ravens (expected YAC: 3, current YAC: 76)

3. +62: Deonte Harris, Saints, at a 70-yard reception on Dec. 2 vs. Cowboys (expected YAC: 3, current YAC: 65)


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