Ralf Rangnick claims he turned down Chelsea before Thomas Tuchel was named

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Former Red Bull boss Ralf Rangnick has revealed that he turned down the opportunity to become Chelsea’s interim manager before the Blues opted to bring in Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea decided to cut ties with former boss Frank Lampard in January and was immediately rumored to be going after a German coach, with Rangnick joining Tuchel and a handful of others on his wish list.

Ralf rangnick
Rangnick was on Chelsea’s finalists list | Soccrates / Getty Images Images

In an interview with The timesRangnick revealed that he was approached by the idea of ​​becoming Chelsea’s interim manager, but turned down the opportunity in favor of something more long-term.

“I said, ‘I would love to come work with you, but I can’t do it for four months. I’m not an interim coach, ‘”Rangnick said.” For the media and the players, you would be the ‘four-month coach’, a lame duck, from day one. “

Rangnick also admitted that he could tell Chelsea that he really wanted to bring in Tuchel, whose transition to management actually began with Rangnick in 2000.

Thomas tuchel
Rangnick knows Tuchel well | Pool / Getty Images

“Thomas became a coach through me,” Rangnick said. “He was my player in Ulm and he had to end his career with knee problems. I gave him a job as our U-15 coach. He didn’t even intend to be a coach, he was working in a bar in Stuttgart.

“If you look at Chelsea now you see a mutual plan for when they have the ball or the other team has the ball. Thomas is tactically at a very sophisticated level.

“Zsolt Low [Tuchel’s assistant] He was my player and assistant coach in Leipzig and he plays a vital role in his staff and you can see it in the way he interacts with the players, Thomas also has great leadership skills. Naming him was the best solution. I can only congratulate Thomas and Chelsea on the choice. “

Rangnick confessed his deep love for England, even joking that he may have been English in a previous life, before admitting that he hopes to try his luck one day in the Premier League.

“I would love to work in England and I feel like I could start from day one there, but it would have to be something special,” he admitted. “It depends on the club and if they are willing to have a German coach.”

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