Racism in the Champions League: Why did Basaksehir’s players leave the pitch against PSG?

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Both parties returned to the dressing room to protest an alleged racial slur from a member of the refereeing team.

Paris Saint Germain’s final Champions League group stage game was suspended on Tuesday when both they and Istanbul Basaksehir left the pitch to protest alleged racial abuse directed at a member of the Turkish team’s coaching staff. .

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The match turned into a stir after the first-half incident, with Basaksehir leaving the field first and then followed in solidarity by PSG.

What did the referee say?

Assistant coach Pierre Webo claimed that the fourth official addressed him with a racist insult during the first half of the Group H match, played in conjunction with Manchester United’s clash against RB Leipzig.

Webo was also sent from the field after his exchange with the referee in the 13th minute, to the disbelief of Basaksehir’s squad.

What did Demba Ba say?

Demba Ba, the veteran former Chelsea and Newcastle United striker, was one of the visiting players who protested to referees about their treatment of the Cameroonian.

“You never say, ‘This white guy,’ you say, ‘This guy,'” the 35-year-old was heard saying on camera after Webo’s expulsion.

“So why when you mention … listen to me … then why when you mention a nigga [do] do you have to say, ‘this nigga’? “

Why did the players leave?

The match was halted when Basaksehir continued to protest the decision, and 10 minutes later the Turkish team chose to leave the field to record their displeasure at the behavior of the referees.

PSG, in turn, decided to support the position of their opponents and also returned to the changing rooms, leaving the Parc des Princes deserted.

Pascal Kimpembe was also heard exclaiming, “What? What? Are you serious? ”In reference to the actions of the official.

“We are entering. That’s it, we’re headed. “

Basaksehir PSG

When did the match restart?

UEFA initially attempted to restart the match at 10pm CET (9pm GMT), with PSG players warming up at the pitch tunnel entrance in advance.

The VAR official had been scheduled to take over the duties of fourth official, and the fourth official moved into the video room.

Basaksehir, however, was not happy with that decision and insisted that he be completely removed from refereeing responsibilities before the match could continue.

Speaking in RMCFormer Manchester United striker Louis Saha criticized UEFA’s apparent “ultimatum” to visitors.

“What bothers me that the players are the [only] some to take a stand. UEFA didn’t do it, ”he shot.

“Now UEFA is issuing ultimatums on restarting the match … it is as if they are denying it … there is no sign that they will ever take this issue seriously.”


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