Puma King on the feet, number 10 on the back

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Argentina jersey flocked with the number 10 on the back, Puma King on his feet, Diego Maradona splashes your talent at the 1986 World Cup and writes the most beautiful line of his legend. 34 years later, one of the greatest footballers in the world disappears but the myth will be eternal.

Pelé, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi. These athletes are probably the very best since football has been around. Players who defy the laws of nature and who have established themselves as the greatest of their generation and as those who have forever marked the history of world football. For a few hours, this small group has been orphaned by Diego Maradona. He the eternal number 10 of the Albiceleste who took the Argentinian selection to the roof of the World in 1986 thanks to his talent and to “the Hand of God” and who has become a real myth wherever he has passed, has died at the age of 60. Iconic, legendary, fantastic, immortal. Words seem to lack to present the one who marked the history of our favorite sport. For equipment enthusiasts like us, Diego Maradona will forever embody number 10 and will remain associated with his pair of Puma Kings. A heritage that is certainly disproportionate to his talent but that we wanted to highlight.

Puma King, the crampons of Diego Maradona

Designed for Eusebio, magnified by Pelé and immortalized by Maradona. This is what the course of the King of the German brand Puma could look like. While the Portuguese and Brazilian were the first big players to use this pair, it’s important to note that it was truly Maradona who blew up the King’s rib. Obviously, far from us the idea of ​​wanting to separate the talent of Pelé and Maradona so much the two players were exceptional. But while Pelé was only seen a few times on television and quit his career in 1977, Maradona received much more media coverage early in his career in addition to having had the opportunity to evolve in Europe. What offer a much greater visibility for an equipment manufacturer.

While Puma joined forces with Maradona from the end of the 1970s until 1991, it is obviously the 1986 World Cup that remains as the highlight of this partnership and probably the greatest moment in the history of the King. Indeed, it is with this pair that the Argentinian has recorded his history doubled against the England team in the quarterfinals of the competition. A match that will forever be associated with “the hand of God” as well as with this goal where the Argentinian leaves alone from the midfield to go and deceive Peter Shilton. Winner of the World Cup that year, Diego Maradona becomes forever a legend and Puma takes advantage. 30 years later, the German brand even released the iconic Puma King Maradona Super in an almost perfect replica. For the occasion, we will find the face of El Pibe de Oro on the tongue as well as the outline of this fabulous goal inside the shoe.

If the Puma-Maradona duo remains as emblematic today, it is interesting to note that the beginning of the 90s will mark a fracture in the partnership. Indeed, from 1992 and his arrival at Sevilla FC, the Argentinian evolves with entirely black studs and Puma no longer appears at his feet. For his return to Boca Juniors in 1995, we will even see Diego Armando Maradona wearing crampons from the Japanese brand Mizuno before finally Puma becomes his sponsor again and he is forever considered an ambassador of the brand. Used several times in advertising campaigns and recently during the presentation of the first Puma jerseys for Olympique de Marseille, Maradona still appeared regularly with products from the leaping feline brand.

The 10 on the back, a legendary number

Ferenc Puskás, Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini, Pelé, Zico, Francesco Totti, Roberto Baggio, Rivaldo, Lionel Messi, etc … Since the numbers appear on football shirts, many people have embodied the number 10. If the 9 is immediately associated with the notion of goalscorer, the 10 is generally that of the creators, the aesthetes of football. From his beginnings to the end of his career, it is this number that adorned Diego Maradona’s outfit. A figure forever associated with his talent and which has even entered the posterity on the side of Naples since no player can claim to wear number 10 at Napoli. A process in the image of what is done a lot in the NBA but which is little adopted in football.

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