Puma Future Z “Teaser Edition”

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New model worn by Neymar, the Puma Future Z and its “Teaser Edition” colourway went behind the lens for a special shoot.

A few days ago, Puma surprised everyone and unveiled the Future Z via its new ambassador, Neymar. Presented in a color called “Teaser Edition”, the Future Z does not seem to have yet delivered its full story and could well become one of the attractions of the beginning of the year 2021. Waiting, we offer you the opportunity to you delight in some photos of this pair which is already emerging as one of the great successes of 2020.

New shape, new identity, new ambassador, new technologies. With the arrival of the Future Z, Puma Football has brought a real breath of fresh air to its range of crampons. Barely six months after the release of the Ultra, which embodies speed at the equipment manufacturer, the Future Z wants to be the pair of creators, the agility silo of the brand. Characteristics which quite simply stick perfectly to Neymar.

Future Z 1.1 « Teaser Edition »

So much so that one comes to wonder what is the future of the Future Z? Is this already a model simply planned for Neymar or is it the future and the continuity of the Future silo that we currently know and which is embodied by the Future 6.1? To these questions, Puma Football has so far provided no answer. Despite everything, the term used for “Teaser Edition” necessarily suggests new things to come around this pair. It remains to be seen what and if this pair wants to be the renewal of the Future, of which the Brazilian from PSG would then be the new big face.

FUZIONFIT + / Dynamic Motion System: the strengths of the Future Z

But in addition to these various questions, Puma Football has given indications on the technologies of this new Future Z and in particular of this central band which was the common thread of our photo shoot. This major element is simply a support band called FUZIONFIT +. The highlight of the Future Z, this adaptive compression band wants to offer optimal locking and support for explosive movements. Besides the fact that it gives a completely innovative look, this technology is therefore one of the great novelties of the pair and will be completed by a new outsole. Dynamic Motion System imagined in the form of a Z and which will provide support in multidirectional movements.

Full of promises but also questions about its future and its place in Puma’s football range, the Future Z stands out as much for its new technologies as for its striking design. If you had to give you just one reason to keep up with crampon news in 2021, the Future Z could just be this.

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