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I had the opportunity to try on the latest Puma Future 4.1 football boots, which are worn by FC Barcelona’s Antoine Griezmann and Luiz Suarez, among others.

I evaluated the Puma Future Netfit 2.1 version a few months back, and my thoughts on this so-called high-end pair were mixed. So, how about this generation, and what has changed in particular? Without further ado, check out my review of the Puma Future 4.1 football boots.


Puma FUTURE 4.1 football boots: test and review

Before you read this new football boot review, I want to clarify that this article and the review that follows are solely my opinions. Comment on the article to share your thoughts and provide as much information as possible to future readers.


When the Puma Future model was released, the design of the shoes won me over. I appreciate this type of model with very present ankle support, like on the adidas Predator.

The color received is that of the Anthem pack, released at the end of June. A pack inspired by the world of music. The model is gray, enhanced by touches of orange, at the laces, the Netfit system, and also the outsole.

To give you a more precise overview of the shoes, I made an unboxing video of these Puma Future 4.1 Anthem Packs. It also makes it easier to see certain details about the shoe.

The Futures’ dynamic silhouette has always appealed to me. Even though I am not a fan of the colors, this one has the advantage of matching my club suit (ACBB). The pair has an aggressive style thanks to the coating on the top of the vamp. We’ll come back to it later in this article.


The shoe is quite pleasant to wear, and the evoKNIT sock has improved. At the ankle, the support is tighter. During a competition, though, I always get the impression that my ankle isn’t as well supported as it should be.

The Puma Future is a lightweight shoe. The inside of the shoe was well-suited to wide feet. I like how well the combination works together. The sizing is nicely adapted, as it was in earlier generations. (For more information on how to size puma football boots, see our Size Guide).

The heel inside the shoe was properly protected by a robust reinforcement and padding.

The NETFIT system has been updated, which is the last area to be addressed in terms of comfort. When compared to prior editions of the device, tying your shoes to the top of your foot is easier. However, I’m not certain that this infinite lacing mechanism is actually useful.


The RAPID AGILITY sole of the Puma Future shoe is made of Pebax material. This is one of the model’s advantages. This technology should be used in all soccer shoes.

The sole’s stability allows for a natural stride, while the flexibility makes the shoe comfortable during acceleration.

On the outsole, the FG Firm Ground / AG Artificial Ground hybrid crampons work equally well on artificial turf and/or natural grass.

I generally play on artificial turf, and these crampons work well on this surface because they provide decent grip.

Ball touch

The Puma Future 4.1’s top has been modified, with a texture in the shape of “pods” or pads on the front of the foot. It reminds me of the Nike Hypervenom 3’s appearance.

Puma now offers 3D Havoc Frame technology for ostensibly unprecedented control.

This material cushioned the ball nicely, but after time, it softened and gave way to a less pleasant texture when it came to the ball’s contact.

In humid weather, this sensation is amplified, giving place to a slightly softer cushioned material.

This new grip is not a strong point of version 4.1, nor is it a disadvantage.


Puma does a good job in terms of resistance and durability by producing resistant sneakers (I’m talking about a high-end model).

The model hasn’t altered significantly after several weeks of testing. The 3D Havoc Frame technology is significantly damaged and exhibits signs of wear when used alone. This type of coating is usually worn.

The cost-to-quality ratio is accurate. In comparison to these main competitors, Adidas and Nike, Puma Football shines out on this aspect.

My opinion on the Puma FUTURE 4.1 football boots

On version 2.1, I had mixed feelings. Puma has improved its offensive player model with this new generation 4.1. Overall, the Puma Future 4.1 has met my expectations.

Strengths: stability, lightness, style, good value for money.

Weak points: lacing system, 3D Havoc Frame material on the front of the shoe.

Give your opinion by commenting on this article or on social networks. It’s always nicer to have as many opinions as possible to make your choice!

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