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The Puma Future Netfit 2.1 football boots are one of the flagship models of the German brand. The FUTURE is worn by players such as Antoine Griezmann, Marco Reus, or Luis Suarez.

On the occasion of the release of the Illuminate pack during the 2018 World Cup, I had the chance to receive this pair of crampons, and of course, to test it for several weeks. Discover without further delay my opinion and review on the Puma FUTURE 2.1


Puma FUTURE football boots review and review

Before reading this new football boot test, please be aware that my review reflects only my judgment. I am impartial when it comes to criticizing a football shoe for good or bad. Give your opinion by commenting on the article in order to give as much information as possible to future readers.

When I received the pair of crampons, the design and aesthetics of the model really won me over. The color chosen by Puma for the last World Cup is very successful for me, which is why the shoes are in the Top 5 of the most beautiful pairs of crampons at the 2018 World Cup.


For each test carried out, I usually create an unboxing video of the received pair. This allows everyone to form their own opinion on the shoe and to better understand the details of the shoes.

The peculiarity of La FUTURE is its original and modern design, with the presence of the NETFIT personalized lacing system. The silhouette is sharp, I would even say, aggressive. I appreciate its look and the first grip tells me I have a really innovative shoe there. For me, it’s a big crush, much more than the other Puma One silo.


In terms of comfort, I would say that the pair offers good foot support with a unique textile upper. The presence of an evoKNIT sock brings pleasant sensations. However, I am a little disappointed with the support around the ankle.

If it is easy to put the shoe on using the tabs, the support is not tight enough. The rising part is not as adjustable as on a Mercurial Superfly with the dynamic fit collar.

The fit of the upper is tight. It well suited the sizing to my size. On this subject, if you would like to know how to size Puma Football shoes, I invite you to consult our size guide.

The last point to address in terms of comfort, I appreciate the shoes are light and offer excellent protection at the heel.

I really liked the pad reinforcements inside the shoe. They hold the ankle well, especially when changing direction. I also have the impression that my shoes come off less at the back when speeding up.


One strength of the FUTURE is the RAPIDAGILITY sole designed for Pebax materials. I love this technology which offers great flexibility.

It is the perfect compromise between stability and flexibility. A significant advantage for improving speed on the first presses.

The Puma FUTURE 2.1 is one of the modern football boots that feature FG / AG hybrid studs. This allows you to play both on artificial turf and/or natural grass.

I have only played on artificial turf. My opinion is that it well suited these new crampons for this type of terrain, offering good grip even in wet weather.

Ball touch

At the level of the upper, the new textile upper offers a halftone ball feel. Let me explain. On the front of the shoe, Puma has reinforced this part with a slightly more rigid and smooth material.

The downside when it rains is that the ball is more difficult to control, and slides on this material.

I could have told you about the revolutionary NETFIT technology in the comfort part, but I prefer to talk to you about it in the touching part of the ball.

To put it simply, the NETFIT system is represented by a net or mesh associated with the upper of the shoe. The hexagonal holes allow functional and endless lacing (well, almost). I say that because, in the end, this technology is not necessarily very practical.

During the first uses, it is difficult to find a correct and comfortable lacing. The mesh is not very wide, and there are not enough holes on the top of the foot towards the ankle. There we need it most to feel well supported.

The promise announced by Puma is: “ Tie your laces as you wish”. Personally, I would say as much as you can … The lacing is not easy the first time. To be honest, after playing with them for a few hours, I tried the shoes in slip-on mode!

Are shoes more comfortable to wear without laces? Difficult to tell you, but it pleasantly surprised me in terms of comfort and touch of the ball.

For me, this novelty is not a competitive advantage over other equipment manufacturers. I even find it a disadvantage. I like to be kept on the top of the foot and at the ankle. And this is not necessarily the case with Future 2.1. For comparison, I much prefer the Fusefit lacing system present on the Puma ONE.


I am pleasantly surprised by the resistance of the Puma FUTRE. After over two months of testing, the model does not show any significant signs of wear. The price/quality ratio is quite good.

The Puma Football brand stands out on this point. This is an added value compared to other equipment manufacturers who offer high-end models.

Besides, I invite you to read the Nike Phantom Vision test article. , durability is not necessarily there!

Regarding the wear of the crampons, again, it is very correct. I only played on synthetic pitches.

My opinion on the Puma FUTURE 2.1 football boots

Since its release, I couldn’t wait to test and play with this model. This is Antoine Griezmann’s favorite pair, so it’s necessarily a guarantee of quality;). To be serious, the revolutionary NETFIT lacing system intrigued me a bit.

This is supposed to be one strength of the model, and yet it is this technology that I liked the least. It is quite superficial, and in practice, it is difficult to tie your shoes. I say it again; the maintenance is not suitable enough.

Fortunately, other positive points counterbalance this negative point. The durability is very good, the comfort is decent, as is the touch of the ball.

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