Premier League insists ‘no plans’ to pause season despite rising COVID levels

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The Premier League has announced that it has ‘no plans’ to discuss the season hiatus, despite two games being postponed in the three-game space due to COVID-19.

Manchester City’s clash with Everton on Monday was canceled four hours before kickoff at City’s request following positive team testing, while Tottenham against Fulham was postponed three and a half hours before Monday’s kickoff due to a series of positive tests on the Fulham team. .

Before that, Newcastle against Aston Villa in early December had been the only match canceled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, 18 positive coronavirus tests were recorded from players and staff in the Premier League, the highest so far this season, prompting calls for a two-week circuit interruption in an attempt to get the numbers back under control. .

However, the Premier League insists that this will not be necessary.

“The Premier League has not discussed pausing the season and has no plans to do so,” a statement read.

“The League continues to rely on its COVID-19 protocols to allow games to be played as scheduled, and these protocols continue to have the full backing of the Government. With the health of players and staff as a priority, the League also provides full support of how clubs are implementing the protocols and rules. “

The idea of ​​a circuit break has divided opinion among Premier League coaches, with Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saying he couldn’t “see the benefit of having a break”.

However, West Brom’s new boss, Sam Allardyce, has come out in support of briefly pausing the season, adding that he was “very concerned about myself and about football in general.”

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