Pogba tricks officials into giving Man Utd a penalty

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Manchester United received a penalty in the second half against Aston Villa tonight, but was it justified?

We would rather not focus on the dubious arbitrations of those on the field and look through the VAR after what was a brilliant soccer game, but this is too hard to ignore.

Paul Pogba fell to the ground to a challenge in the Aston Villa penalty area, with the VAR watching the replay several times before awarding a penalty, which was converted by Bruno Fernandes.

The problem is that Pogba was challenged by himself. The Frenchman appeared to stumble before falling to the ground and tricking the referees into awarding a penalty.

Take a look for yourself.

Images courtesy of the Premier League

VAR was brought in to help umpires make the right decisions, but here, after watching the incident several times in slow motion, you’ve got it wrong.

Pogba clearly trips over his own leg in a blatant attempt to win a penalty for his team, and when referees continue to reward players for cheating in this way, who can blame him?

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