Peter Crouch comments on Tottenham’s Gareth Bale and title fight

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Gareth Bale

Former Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur forward Peter Crouch is confident that Spurs will fight for the title this season, and Gareth Bale will play his part.

In his column for the Daily Mail, Crouch made this statement when answering a question about whether the bullet can go back to being the player he was on the Spurs.

This is what Crouch had to say about Bale:

“It was unrealistic, Dave, for people to expect Gareth to come back from seven years in Spain and be the turbo winger who blew us away. In the years that I have played with it, I have never seen anyone who had such an engine – up, down, up, down at full throttle for 90 minutes.

“His last two years in Madrid were ruined by Zinedine Zidane cutting him out effectively and that much disruption has an impact on a finding player pace. One thing I have noticed is that he is smarter in terms of how he times his racing and when the highest gear is involved.

“We must also recognize how good Heung-min, Harry Kane and Steven Bergwijn have been for José Mourinho. Son and Kane were magnificent on the counter against Arsenal and the more I watch them, the more I see genuine title challengers. Gareth will play his part to help, for sure. “

Crouch is flawless

Bale was already a fabulous player when he joined Madrid in 2013. He took his game to a new level at Los Blancos, where he won four Champions League titles with the club.

However, under Zidane, he has barely appeared in the last couple of years. Your talent is wasted in the bank. Spurs played it on him this summer (on loan), and it was the right decision.

The Welshman is still a world-class player, and all he needs to do is get back to his physical form. He has a lot of football left on him and he just needs time to find his rhythm. The good part is that the 31-year-old is playing regularly, and he has a wet back.

Spurs have a stellar cast of attacking options with midfield Jose Mourinho who has players like Heung-Min, Erik Lamela, Steven Bergwijn, Lucas Moura, Giovani Lo Celso et al. It looks like an excess of quality with the likes of Dele Alli struggling to break into the first team.

Adding Bale into that mix makes them an even better team.

Spurs can really challenge Liverpool all the way for the Premier League title this season. They have a solid team, and an experienced manager who has won league titles in every country he has achieved.

Mourinho recently said that he wants Bale to return to proper physical form, where the Welshman can play two or three times a week. If the bullet can regain its sharpness, Mourinho can properly unleash it in front of three involving Kane and Son.

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