Pep Guardiola’s forward from the City bench while the coach looks blank

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The broadcast cameras have caught a strange moment of Pep Guardiola during Manchester City’s victory against Brighton.

It appears that the incident occurred just before the second half began, just as Guardiola and Graham Potter were on the sidelines awaiting the resumption of action.

In extremely bizarre scenes, Guardiola spat while sitting on the City bench at their Etihad Stadium, perhaps gum, while the former Barcelona and Bayern manager looked blank.

Guardiola seemed to be in his own world, he came back to reality when he responded to one of his coaches who passed it on.

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Guardiola’s talk with the person sitting next to him since r / football

Images of SK 3.

We hope Guardiola feels good, perhaps the hectic schedule that his side face is beginning to wear down on the Spanish.

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