Patrick Vieira has no chances at Arsenal after Nice’s dismissal

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It’s unclear what problems Mikel Arteta is in when it comes to his role as Arsenal manager, but a convincing loss to Spurs on Sunday would inevitably add to the pressure.

The club has struggled to find some sort of identity since Arsene Wenger left, so there will be calls from some sections for someone like Vieira to come in and seek to replicate what he did.

We have seen many teams do this in the hope that a former player will somehow regain the culture and identity that was seen at the club in years past, but that was also a key reason for the appointment of Arteta in the first place.

Patrick Vieira is often nominated if there’s the slightest hint that the job might be available, but Nice just fired him:

His MLS record with New York City was solid, if unspectacular, considering the resources and players he had, while his time in Nice has been approaching disaster for a while.

He has been criticized for imposing an ugly and boring style in Nice where they were never really convincing, so it is not what Arsenal need at the moment.

If the Gunners decide to leave Arteta then they need to have someone better and more proven ready to take on the role, but that won’t be Vieira based on his recent record.

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