Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Twitter account wild Travis Kelce critics

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Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes have chosen violence as they assess who they think is the best tight end in football.

The NFL offseason brings out some of the absolute best (and sometimes worst) from the social media executives behind the NFL team’s Twitter accounts. From the Los Angeles Chargers ‘annual schedule of publishing tweets to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ refusal to stop posting memes, NFL Twitter is getting better this summer.

The Kansas City Chiefs twitter account had a specific goal in mind as they rolled out of bed this morning: all Travis Kelce critics. Pro Football Focus tweeted a graphic that highlighted a thought-provoking statistic: Over the past five seasons, Travis Kelce has led all NFL players, not just tight-ends, in yards. The graphics highlighted his numbers against other leading pass-catchers around the league, such as Davante Adams, Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkins and Mike Evans.

Chiefs’ Twitter account decided this was an invitation to cast a shadow. Patrick Mahomes would also retweet the Chiefs’ comments and came to defend his favorite goal.

Travis Kelce has been one of the most impressive offensive players in NFL history

During the 2020 NFL season, Travis Kelce had the second most receiving yards in the league, despite sitting out in Week 17 and losing snaps in the regular season due to some nagging injuries. In 2021, Travis Kelce came on the field for the Chiefs when needed, scoring both teams from overtime touchdowns and was the brains and hands behind their infamous 13-second comeback against the Buffalo Bills in the division round in the playoffs.

Kelce has topped 1,000 receiving yards in his last six seasons, been selected to the Pro Bowl seven times, been first-string All Pro three times and second-string All Pro three other times. Despite this, Kelce has only received a total of three votes for a single award after the season, as he was fifth for Offensive Player of the Year.

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