Patrick Mahomes’ assessment of the Chiefs should scare the rest of the AFC

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes believes his team has not had a complete performance yet this season, which is daunting for the AFC to consider.

The Kansas City Chiefs ended the regular season on Saturday with a win over the Broncos, finishing 12-5.

Their hopes of becoming the No. 1 seed in the AFC depend on an unlikely Titans loss, but even without saying goodbye in the first round, Kansas City is a team no one in the conference will be eager to face.

It will be extra true when the teams hear what Patrick Mahomes had to say about his team after the victory in week 18.

“I just feel like we have not had the complete game yet,” Mahomes said per Aaron Ladd from KSHB41.

Mahomes went on to say that once the Chiefs have put things together into a complete game, “we can win as much as we want to win,” per. Vahe Gregorian from Kansas City Star.

Patrick Mahomes believes that a complete game can make Chiefs unstoppable

The Chiefs are not guaranteed to have a full game in the playoffs. That’s the ultimate question the team has to answer: Did they just need time to meet, or are they incapable of a truly complete performance?

If it is the former, they will be dangerous in the playoffs. If it is the latter, they are going to have problems in the playoffs.

Saturday night the victory came despite the mistakes of some special teams. Early in the season, the defense could not get a stop. Halfway through the campaign, the offense could not buy a touchdown.

Now Kansas City are entering the off-season with nine wins in their last 10 games. We’ll see if the perfect game follows.

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